History Essays

Rebekah Burgess Abramovich

Elizabeth Fleischmann-Aschheim

William R. Albury

From changelings to extraterrestrials: depictions of autism in popular culture

Historical reflections on cause, responsibility and blame in medicine

Abigail Cline Appler

Claudius: the Caesar never meant to be emperor

Wilfred Niels Arnold

Chopin’s heart

Mohammad Hossein Azizi & Farzaneh Azizi

PDF Document A History of the Human Plague in Iran

Joyce Balls-Berry, Lea Dacy, and James Balls

“Heard It through the Grapevine”: The black barbershop as a source of health information

Jeremy Hugh Baron

PDF Document Professor Lord Lister, William Ernest Henley, And Oscar Wilde

PDF Document Sailors’ scurvy before and after James Lind – a reassessment

Emily Bethea

The US hospice movement: redressing modern medicine

Julius P. Bonello

Trying to conceive: royal fertility issues in Renaissance times

Julius P. Bonello, Adam Awwad

A sporting end to Henry II, King of France

Jennifer Borst

Swaddling: Forever bound in controversy?

Basil Brooke

A happy individual knows nothing

Stewart Cameron

Arthur Wohlmann and the Rotorua Health Spa

Felipe Fernandez del Castillo

Scribonius Largus

Ninan Chacko

PDF Document Autonomy or Economy?

Erin Connelly

“If it be a poor man”: medieval medical treatment for the rich and poor

Michael Crossland

An abominable habit

Paul Dakin

John Wesley: amateur physician and health crusader

Nada Darwish and Alan Weber

Muslim women healers of the medieval and early modern Ottoman Empire

Joseph deBettencourt

History repeated: child abuse in the United States

Jessica Douthwaite

Leaving nothing to the imagination: Casualties Union and post-war first aid training

George Dunea

PDF Document Porphyria Variegata, a disease of kings

The doctor and the baron

High drama in the scullery
Otto von Bismarck, the Iron Chancellor

Jack Effron

The battle of the vivisected dog

Claire Elliott

How not to make the consultation sexy

Michael Ellman

Mark Hanna’s knees and the Panama Canal

Patrick Fiddes and Paul A. Komesaroff

An emperor unclothed: the virtuous Osler

Paul G. Firth

Shackleton’s angel

Howard Fischer

Another look at the medical problems of Jean-Paul Marat: searching for a unitary diagnosis

Morris Fishbein

PDF Document Ludvig Hektoen: A biography and an appreciation,

Ronald Fishman

Dirty, dark, dangerous: coal miners’ nystagmus

James L. Franklin

PDF Document Chicago medicine and peptic ulcer disease

Eisenhower and Crohn’s Disease

PDF Document How much should we know about our leaders’ health?

Laurette Geldenhuys and Guillermo Quinonez

Samuel Clossy’s Observations: an unrecognized contribution to the origin of anatomical pathology

Charles Raymond Gill

Bank of England Medical Officers: from Napoleonic to modern times

Denis Gill

Doctors like eponymity

F. Gonzalez-Crussi 

An “enematic” saga
Cranium: the symbolic powers of the skull
Of luxuriant manes and in praise of baldness

Kevis Goodman

“Uncertain disease”: the science of nostalgia

Magdalena Grassman and Eva Niklinska

The Polish White Cross – birthed on American soil to support Polish soldiers abroad

B. Herold Griffith

Two great Scots: John and William Hunter

Lynsey Grosfield

Collections complete: experiential centres of learning

Stanley Gutiontov

Pig man: pigs in medicine from Galen to transgenic xenotransplantation

Timo Hannu

Thomas Bartholin’s consolation on the burning of his library

Bert Hansen

Medical history on the silver screen: Hollywood’s ten-minute films about medical heroes

Laura D. Hirshbein

The boys’ club

Barry I Hoffbrand

Fellows of the Royal College of Physicians and their fees

Liz Jones

The promise of a perfect smile

Paul G. Joseph

The value of achievement

Mahek Khwaja

Healing and hedonism: a reevaluation of Hashishian legends of crime and indulgence

Charles G. Kels

Political obfuscation and medical speculation

Adam Komorowski and Sang Ik Song

Doctorum Ecclesiae: the medical clerics of the Diocese of Bath and Wells, England
Episteme and translation in an annotated copy of the Canon of Medicine by Ibn Sīnā (Avicenna)

Stephen Kosnar

Welcome to The Jungle: the story of adopting two food safety laws

Biji T. Kurien

Looking back 175 years

K.N. Lai

Illness shapes the course of human events

Philip R. Liebson

The sweating sickness in Tudor England: a plague of the Renaissance

Citizen Zinsser: portrait of a Renaissance man

Kevin R. Loughlin

Joseph Warren: The forgotten founder
A 130-year-old medical cold case: who was Jack the Ripper?
The search for Eisenhower’s adrenal tumor
The death of Zachary Taylor: the first presidential assassination or a bad bowl of cherries?
Samuel Mudd MD: Good Samaritan or conspirator?
Teddy Roosevelt: did a speech really save his life? new

Christopher Magoon

The Friends’ Ambulance Unit South Bank Clinic: the forgotten valor of the pacifists who stayed beyond the fight

Silvia Maina

Medical photography in the nineteenth century: from portraits to clinical photography

James A. Marcum

Schola Medica Salernitana and medieval medical philosophy

S.E.S. Medina

The Philosophers’ Stone: history and myth

Maureen Miller

Consolidation: pneumonia and other pathologies on the Bellevue Hospital Autopsy

Maria Alexandra Monteiro

Pantaleon or Pantaleimon- a most noble physician

Lisa Mullenneaux

Choose your poison: the curious case of Dr. Waite

Carlos G. Musso

PDF Document Auenbrugger, Corvisart and Laennec: Three Generations that Forged the Basis of Chest Examination

Carlos G. Musso & Paula Enz

PDF Document Ivan Pavlov: a pioneer researcher and fine human being

J.M.S. Pearce

Polymathy in decline?

The forgotten Darwin
The Lunar Society legacy

The Monros: a medical dynasty
Nicholas Culpeper and Herbal Medicine
Scurvy before James Lind
The legacy and maladies of Jonathan Swift
The X Club
The other Charles Darwin (1758-1778)
Science versus religion: the medieval disenchantment
Joseph Merrick, “The Elephant Man”

Einar Perman

Samuel Tissot: patient compliance in the 18th century

Doctor Moore on 18th century medicine

Colin Phoon

The origins of pediatrics as a clinical and academic specialty in the United States

Constantina Pitsillides

The rebirth of medicine

Susan Brunn Puett and J. David Puett

The Florentine Renaissance apothecary

Suzanne Raga

       Anesthesia: culture, technology, and the rise of the surgeon
Jesús Ramírez-Bermúdez

       The monarch, the musician, and the medic

Ira Rezak
        Medicine and medals in 19th and 20th century France

Sarah Riedlinger, Dean Giustini, & Brenden Hursh

Part I: The impact of insulin on children with diabetes at Toronto Sick Kids in the 1920s

Part II:  The impact of insulin on children with diabetes at Toronto Sick Kids in the 1920s

Ann W. Robinson

Behind the pep: modern and postmodern perspectives in Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Company’s advertising

Nicolas Roberto Robles

Saint John of God and the origins of nursing

Anthony Ryan and Grace Neville

Le petit journal, clowns & children in hospital in Victorian London

Lynn Veach Sadler

The divine leaf: physick and the cause for physick

L. J. Sandlow

Oaths, codes, and charters in medicine over the ages

Mariella Scerri

Wet nursing: a historical perspective new

Erika Silvestri

Wilhelm Werner’s life unworthy of life: a voice from the Nazi Euthanasia Program

Anabelle S. Slingerland

The history of diabetes and insulin

Elizabeth A. J. Scott

The anatomist’s violin

Steve Server

Finding a “New Orientation” in Mexican Public Health: the Servicio Médico-Social

Julie Silverman

Dame Cicely Saunders and the foundation of the hospice movement

Armando Susmano

Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s last illness

Mariel Tishma

“Some little show of nail”: the health of Anne Boleyn
“Rich man, poor man”: a history of lead poisoning
The history and mystery of cupping
Women in the medical profession: the trial of Jacoba Felicie de Almania

Hugh Tunstall-Pedoe
       Mithridates, “deadly poison” in history, and a classic misdiagnosis
John J. Turner

The remarkable Baldwin IV: leper and king of Jerusalem

Katarina Villner

“And of scurvy the teeth fall out of them”

Sara Vogt

Diagnosing defectives: disability, gender and eugenics in the United States, 1910-1924

Daniel Vuillermin & Richard de Grijs

“Marvailous Cures”: sympathetic medicine connecting Europe and China

William H. Wehrmacher

Illuminating the third millennium with flashes of experience from the 20th century

George M. Weisz and Andrzej Grzybowski

Ludwik Fleck, physician in Lwow Ghetto

Isobel P. Williams

Captain Scott’s brave and loyal assistant: Petty Officer Edgar Evans

Andrew Williams and Frederick O’Dell

“Surrounded with many Mercies”: 270 years of patient advice

Philip K. Wilson

Weighing medical evidence on a historical scale

Andrew P. K. Wodrich

Plague epidemics and the evolution of language in England

Frank A. Wollheim

Dr. Wedekind’s son: a Frank story

Ping Yu & Chi Lu

A publicly funded health care system of China in 11th to 3rd century BC, as recorded in the Rites of Zhou

Richard Zhang

A Tale of Two Tonics: Sino-Western psychopharmaceutical modernity in Shanghai, 1936


Is history good for you? Pros and cons
Origins of the Pap smear