When the FBI investigated William Carlos Williams, Howard Fischer

Book Review: John Hughlings Jackson, Arpan K. Banerjee

John Abernethy, George Dunea

Wilhelm Baum (1799 –1883), George Dunea

The Grand Army and horsemeat, Howard Fischer

Dr. Dominique Larrey, Howard Fischer

The “Ne-Uro” mess, Nishitha Bujala

Musical evenings on HMS Bounty, Stewart Justman

The Queen’s quickening: the phantom pregnancies of Mary I, Eve Elliot

Serendipity in science and medicine, JMS Pearce

The illness of King George III, JMS Pearce

“Between false modesty … and conceit”, Jack E. Riggs, David B. Watson

The Great War and the other war, Maryline Alhajj

Return to Lebanon, Elie Najjar

Hope, Rima Nasser

The Warsaw ghetto hunger study, Howard Fischer

August Von Platen, inspiration for Death in Venice, Nicolas Roberto Robles

Disaster code, Nohad Masri

Science and medicine in Venice, George Dunea

Article 99: saving money versus saving lives, Howard Fischer

Two words in the patient portal, Paul Rousseau

“For their own sakes”: The Edinburgh Seven, Mariel Tishma

Lebanon during the catastrophe, Najat Fadlallah, Julian Maamari, Abeer Hani

Furniture of bones, D. Brendan Johnson

Epidemic cholera and Joseph William Bazalgette, JMS Pearce

Lebanon: a thumbprint in medicine, Jonathan Mina

Ensor’s use of emesis in art, Howard Fischer

Greco-Roman Medicine and What it Can Teach Us Today, Arpan K. Banerjee

R. Austin Freeman and the Victorian forensic thriller, Anthony Papagiannis

The secret medical school in the Warsaw Ghetto, Howard Fischer


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