Books, bangles, and bravado, Jill Kar

Sea sick: Naval surgery and sanitation in eighteenth-century Britain, Melissa Yeo

The origins of the word “hospital”, Simon Wein

Further observations on the centenary of Vegemite, Morris Odell

Posthumous reproduction, Ian Cooke

Hadrian and Frank’s sign, Vittoria Sabatini

Book review: The Guru, the Bagman and the Sceptic: A story of science, sex and psychoanalysis, Robert Kaplan

Thomas Szasz, JMS Pearce

The new pandemic, Maite Losarcos

What is the point?, Aariya Srinivasan

Fraudulent medical research and “zombie articles”, Howard Fischer

A history of military medical services, George Porter

The disease called poverty, Olufolakayomi Christiana Thomas

François Magendie, JMS Pearce

Henri Parinaud: Physician, composer, humanitarian, Jason Jo

The climate cure: Treating tuberculosis in the 19th century, Brendan Pulsifer

The fall, Max Kutch

How an ancient disease was recognized in South Carolina’s state lunatic asylum, Brody Fogleman, Harsh Jha

Empathy or sympathy?, JMS Pearce

The night the emergency room staff vanished, Edward Tabor

Movie review: Miss Evers’ Boys, P. Ravi Shankar

Jaws and galeophobia, Howard Fischer

“No one should approach the temple of science with the soul of a money-changer”: Who said it first?, Robert Schell

George Redmayne Murray and “myxœdema”, JMS Pearce

The middle zone, Alfred David

“You will be alright”, Swetha Kannan

Wounded healer, Brandon Muncan

Dr. David Hartley and the benevolent AI, Erik Anderson


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