Felix Mendelssohn, musical prodigy, George Dunea

Franz Liszt, best piano player in Europe, George Dunea

The sweet smell of success, Howard Fischer

Ángeles Mastretta’s life ripped apart, Bernardo Ng

Harvey Cushing and pituitary diseases, JMS Pearce

Medical and literary coupling, Stephen Finn

Rural home visit 1973, Paul Rousseau

Motivation at work, Migel Jayasinghe

Research opportunities for medical students and residents, Edward Tabor

Art appreciation under the radar, Lawrence Climo

Normal head shape and size, Ateret Haselkorn

The Last Angry Man: a caged eagle, Howard Fischer

Book review: The Doctors Blackwell, Elizabeth A. Coon, Eelco F. M. Wijdicks

Culture frames psychotic delusions, Colleen Donnelly

Atypical appendectomies, Jayant Radhakrishnan, Nathaniel Koo

Hispanic, Latin, Latino, Latina, or Latinx?, Bernardo Ng

St. Godric and the lost leper hospital of Darlington, Stephen Martin

Business as usual, David Blitzer

Heart to heart, Frank Buchar

Early twentieth century LA women’s social conscience, S. Satya-Murti, M. Engh

C. Louis Leipoldt: the polymath physician and literary giant, Stephen Finn

Leeching and François-Joseph-Victor Broussais, JMS Pearce

Mindfulness meditation as psychotherapy, Migel Jayasinghe

Suspicious minds, Howard Fischer

The Call of the Wild and COVID-19, Liam Butchart, Samantha Rizzo

Gav’s Frida Kahlo: Heroine of Pain, Jimin Mathew, Lucy Samuel

Creating a race of orphans: Lebensborn, the “spring of life”, Howard Fischer

Men, women, and idioms of distress, Mary Seeman

Life coaching, Migel Jayasinghe

The medicine in our stars, Nishitha Bujala


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