Book Review of Casanova’s Guide to Medicine, Arpan K. Banerjee

The life and death of Franz Schubert, Nicolas Robles

A brief history of fermented cabbage as antiscorbutic, Richard de Grijs

Counseling, Migel Jayasinghe

Covid cascade killed my father, Helen Meldrum

Homeopathy: medicine or placebo?, Shrestha Saraf, Sudarshan Ramachandran

A walk on the pediatric floor, Elie Najjar

Risking it all to save strangers—remembering Gisella Perl, Jacquline Musgrave

Ode to baroque and other musical genres, George Christopher

Dr. AJ Cronin: Still persona non grata?, Howard Fischer

Sir Thomas Lewis’ contribution to understanding heart failure, Daniel Gelfman

Moral judgment in medicine: “sensibility of heart”, Jack Coulehan

Dr. William Minor and the Oxford English Dictionary, JMS Pearce

Pain management, Andrew Yim

Seeking medicalization: chronic illness without diagnosed disease, Camille Kroll

A return to The Plague, Bonnie Salomon

A bad taste in the mouth: over fifty years of doubt about MSG, Mariel Tishma

Diane de Poitiers, a case of mammary narcissism, George Dunea

Morris Fishbein, MD—foe of four-flushers, flimflammers, and fakes, Laura King

Viktor Frankl: the meaning of a life, Anne Jacobson

The patient who provided his own placebo and fully recovered, Lawrence Climo

Tutorial for surgeons by Lawrence Peter Berra, Jayant Radhakrishnan

Early lessons, Howard Fischer

St. Audrey Etheldrida, JMS Pearce

Parental grief, Ellen Zhang

The striking social tableaux vivants of Lejaren à Hiller, J.T.H. Connor

Bristol Children’s Hospital and esophageal atresia, Richard Spicer

William Halse Rivers Rivers, JMS Pearce

Boccaccio’s Decameron in the world of the coronavirus pandemic, Mateja Lekic

Knock, or The Triumph of Medicine, Howard Fischer


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