History in 100 pandemics, plagues and epidemics, Arpan K. Banerjee

Did Ernest Hemingway have the Celtic curse?, Philip R. Liebson

Memories and history in One Hundred Years of Solitude, Tonse N. K. Raju

The persistence of Dr. Wu Lien-teh, Ku Ezriq Raif bin Ku Besry

Death, disease, & discrimination on the Panama Canal, Enrique Chaves-Carballo

A drawing created during World War I, Tilman Sauerbruch

Obstetrical fistula: a malady hidden by shame, Layla A. Al-Jailani

A very Victorian drug, Anita Cooke

The navel of the world: belly buttons, innies and outies, John Raffensperger

Erik Jorpes: Kökar to Helsingfors, Moscow, and Stockholm, Frank A. Wollheim

The remarkable Harriet Lane, Colin K. L. Phoon

The Portrait of Doctor Gachet, Nicholas Kang

Origin of the mind, Bhargavi Bhattacharyya

On beauty and medical ethics, John Brewer Eberly Jr., Lydia S. Dugdale

Head and hand: Claude Bernard’s experimental medicine, James A. Marcum

Women surgeons, Moustapha Abousamra

Under the lime tree: medicine, poetry, and the senses, Alan Bleakley

Learning the meaning of love, Charlotte Eliopoulos

Airs and graces: Humphry Davy and science as performance, Alan Bleakley

Medicine and cinema—a cultural symbiosis, Arpan K. Banerjee

The invisible manager, Javishkar Reddy

“An ounce of prevention”: past and present, Jack E. Riggs, Donald R. Newcomer

Pediatrics and theatrics, Howard Fischer

Lucrezia Borgia—victim of her times, George Dunea

When Darwin was wrong, John Hayman

Spirituality in medicine, Gautam Sen

How black turned white, Kateryna Tsoi

The death of James Abram Garfield, Philip Liebson

The discoverers of aspirin, JMS Pearce

Doctor-patient reunions, Anthony Papagiannis


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