Omar Alzarkali

Blood and pernicious anemia

Romalyn Ante


Anne Marie Appelgren

Blood on the road 

Chris Arthur

Blood Mnemonics

Krishna G. Badami

Syndrome de Lasthénie de Ferjol

Safia Benaissa

Karl Landsteiner and the discovery of blood groups

Emily Boyle

Bad blood: the drama of bloodshed

Matthew Casas

Bleeding science dry: the history of scientific racism and blood

Paula Carter

The Rh factor: An intertwined history

Anthony Chiocchi

Only blood

Emily Cline

Bloodlust: the embodiment of the uncanny in “The Vampyre” 

Sherin Jose Chockattu

Bloody beginnings of hematology 

Kelly Chen

Forever young: the history and promise of young blood therapeutics

Emeka Chibuikem V.

The mysterious Red Cross boy

Sharon Cohen

Red Cross targets emotional impact of climate change

Philip Crispin

Transfusion reactions hidden from history

Danielle Dalechek

A history of blood: hysteria, taboos, and evil

Francesca Portante d’Alessandro

Bloody art

Shruthi Deivasigamani

A case of toxic blood

Andrea Dejean

Bad blood

Amy DeMatt

Bloody segregation: the story of how Charles Richard Drew found life abundantly

Mel Diomampo

All blood runs red

Bahar Dowlatshahi

Blood beliefs and practices in Iran 

Martin Duke

Medicinal leeches in art and literature

George Dunea

The Fantus clinic and the blood bank of Chicago

Kelsey Wollin Dunn

Destination assured—the power of the cross 

Simon Edber

Not by blood

Ahmed Elhag

Blood donation in South Sudan

Rhianna Elliott

Bloodletting and the treatment of menstrual disorders in early modern England

Jennifer Evans, Sara Read

“Blood made White”: the relationship between blood and breastmilk in early modern England

Rachel Fleishman

Painting an honest image

GAP Secretariat

The history of the Red Cross / Red Crescent in blood

Nod Ghosh

The thickening of blood

John Graham-Pole

First blood
Blood, black bile, yellow bile, phlegm: an inseparable balance?

Mark A. Gray 

Experimental evidence for the humoral circulatory system

Richard de Grijs & Daniel Vuillermin

Christopher Wren and Blood Circulation

M.K.K. Hague-Yearl

Bloody women

Nicole Hebdon

Notes from writing a character with a bleeding disorder

Hans Erik Heier

The history and significance of voluntary, non-remunerated blood donation

Ryan Hill

What can physicians learn from Benjamin Rush, blood, and the Red Cross? 

Matthew Holmes

Anne McLaren, transfusion, transplantation, and the nature of blood 

N. Reece Ho-Sheffield

Hereditary blood disorders in blue-blood aristocrats

Christopher Hubbard

Blood policies and bioart in the 1900s

Nada Hussein

Leukemia past and present: lessons learned and future opportunities 

Sarah Jane Irawa

Victoria’s curse

Odia Iyoha

Kokumo: the child will not die again

Joanne Jacobson

The sight of blood

Olena Kagui

Blood at Maidan – Kyiv, Ukraine 2014

Nonoko Kamai

Blood type and personality 

Charles G. Kels

First principles

Shannon Kernaghan

Training wheels

Ntombi Kgosana and Phenyo Montsho

Traditional circumcision in South Africa 

Peter Kopplin

From eponym to advocate: the story of Stephen Christmas

Stephen Kosnar

Humanitarian for all: the life of Henry Dunant

Paulina Kowalińska

Ludwik Hirszfeld: the story of one life that changed thousands of others

Neal Krishna

Heterozygous Advantage: how one deadly disease prevents another 

Andrea Lollo


Fangzhou Luo

A brief history of menstruation new

Kevin R. Loughlin

A history of blood transfusion: a confluence of science—in peace, in war, and in the laboratory

Juliet McMullin

Drawing the chemotherapy chair

Geraldine Miller

Alternatives to blood transfusion 

Meguna Nakai

Yellow blood: learn from yesterday

Sara Nassar

What did Dorothy Reed See?

Diana-Andreea Novaceanu

Drawing blood: depictions of transfusion in contemporary arts 

Brian Sammy Omondi

Medical and scientific innovations arising from warfare

Carys O’Neill

Royal blood: Queen Victoria and the legacy of hemophilia in European royalty

Sylvia Pamboukian

Vampires and the Tuberculous Family

Saameer Pani

Blood is the life

Kera Panni

In the heart of Damascus

George M. Pantalos

The gift of life—from whom?

Barnabas Pastory

The Red Cross and hematology pioneers

Kayla Peña

“The Blood Battle”: using science to combat the fear of blood

Margo A. Peyton

The sanctity of blood: Jehovah’s Witnesses and bloodless medicine

Anusha Pillay

The barber-surgeons: their history over the centuries

Robbie Porter

Blood relics and contemporary memory 

Jill Purtee

Diamond-Blackfan anemia and tap shoes

Jayant Radhakrishnan

Where the unusual was usual: the Cook County Hospital blood bank
Avant garde research on a blood substitute at the Hektoen Institute of Medical Research

Irving Rosen

Norman Bethune’s mobile blood transfusions

Jules Reich

Blood debt 

Gregory W. Rutecki

Consumption and vampires: metaphor and myth before science

Kelsey Ruud

A real world of not-so-real blood

Seidumanova Sabrina

Bloodletting with leeches: more dangerous than meeting Dracula

Cristina Sans-Ponseti

Blood’s journey: from lab technology to industrial technology

William Schneider

Vampires and Blood Trafficking: the International Red Cross campaign against Third-world plasma collection in the 1970s

Felicity Ray Self

Whose blood is it anyway?

Ahmad Shakeri & Howsikan Kugathasan

Defining donation

Meryl C. Sigaton

The leech makes a comeback 

Navanjana Siriwardane

Blood and war: Preserving plasma and humanity

W. Roy Smythe

What about the blood?

Joanna Smolenski

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?: Erzsébet Báthory and the curative power of blood in medieval Europe

E. C. Spary

Control of blood

Beukou Steve

The paradox of blood donation

Sue Stevenson

Blood and bone

Eva Kitri Mutch Stoddart

The past and future of blood banking 

Mark Tan

There is power in the blood

Mawuli Tettey

The International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent

Alice Theibault

The smartest vampire story

Candace Thomas

Hidden Heroes 

Patricia A. Unsworth

Blood and bandages 

Ian Willis

Red Cross humanitarianism and female volunteers in Australia

Mair Zamir

Blood is NOT the essence of life?