Kelly Chen

Forever young: the history and promise of young blood therapeutics new

Philip Crispin

Transfusion reactions hidden from history

Martin Duke

Medicinal leeches in art and literature new

Simon Edber

Not by blood

Jennifer Evans, Sara Read

“Blood made White”: the relationship between blood and breastmilk in early modern England new

Nod Ghosh

The thickening of blood

John Graham-Pole

First blood

Sarah Jane Irawa

Victoria’s curse

Andrea Lollo

Spherocytosis new

Juliet McMullin

Drawing the chemotherapy chair new

Brian Sammy Omondi

Medical and scientific innovations arising from warfare

Sylvia Pamboukian

Vampires and the Tuberculous Family new

Gregory W. Rutecki

Consumption and vampires: metaphor and myth before science

Felicity Ray Self

Whose blood is it anyway? new

W. Roy Smythe

What about the blood?

Joanna Smolenski

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?: Erzsébet Báthory and the curative power of blood in medieval Europe