Doctors, Patients, & Diseases

A – J

Moustapha Abousamra

Physician, heal thyself

Lealani Mae Acosta

Good patient, good doctor
Beauty in breaking

Andria Albert

The man shackled on 4 Northwest WIN ’23

Saleh Aldasouqi

When the doctor is the patient

Heather Lynn Alva

Defined spaces

Peter Arnold

The loneliness of the long-living doctor

Henry Bair

Gifts of gratitude
Notes on a first abortion

Nimisha Bajaj

Letting go of logic

Andrew Bamji

My very own back pain

Anjan Banerjee

Uncertainty and clinical truths

Lara Bazelon

The middle finger: identity crisis in the emergency room

Susan M. Beck


Daniel Becker


Raymond Bellis

Compassion in the emergency room

Jeanne Bereiter


Canon Brodar

Learning about children

Rae Brown

I don’t know how it happened

Farrah Bui

Healing through laughter

Gail Burke

Medicine and trust, behind bars

Christopher H. Cameron

Winter race against time

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

Lesley Campbell

Women changing medicine

Havi Carel

Breathless: philosophical lessons from respiratory illness

Elizabeth Cerceo

Notre Dame and gratitude
Burnout: Are we looking at it through the wrong lens?

George W. Christopher

Yes, I’m positive

Eric P. Cohen

Research subject

Erin Crouch and Katelyn McDonald

Red right hand: ectrodactyly as a metaphor

Michael Daley

Case of the authentic chest pain thought too good to be true

Jonathan Davidson

Herbert William Page and the railway spine controversy

Rose A. Devasia

A silent birth

HP Dietz

The law of diminishing returns: biomedical research in trouble

Martin Duke

A fortunate man

Mel Ebeling

On becoming a disabled physician

John Brewer Eberly, Jr. 

Fighting the long defeat

“Let the people see what I’ve seen”: beauty, suffering, and learning to see

Obinna Ejide 

Health care in Nigeria

Liam Farrell

One thing we can’t live without

Howard Fischer

Humans with tails

The sixtieth anniversary of the “Battered Child Syndrome”
“Avoid a remedy that is worse than the disease”

Abram Gabriel

Intubation incarceration: a true tale of torture

Katrina Genuis

Death and new-doctor eyes

Vani Ghai

Questioning immunology and the soul

Ladan Golestaneh

Mrs. M’s refusal

Pavane L. Gorrepati

What’s hormones got to do with it? The medicalization of menopause in postwar America

John Graham-Pole

Poppy power

Kate Hawkes

Personal magic – creativity and Shamanic ways for wellbeing

Elena Hill

“Do I look gay to you?”

Ellen Hitt

Closed mouth, open heart

Richard P. Holm

A good bedside manner

Prasad Iyer

The oncologist’s mask

David Jeffrey

Montaigne’s Essays: emotions and empathy

D. Brendan Johnson

Furniture of bones

Lawrence H. Jones

What’s old is new again: quackery in the age of the Internet

Hannah Joyner

New life

K – P


Swetha Kannan

“You will be alright” WIN ’23

Susan Kaplan

Silent no more

Paul Karagiannis

My first (do no harm) patient

Parnita Kesar

A brief history of ulcerative colitis new

Murad Moosa Khan

Which weighs upon the heart

T. Colin Killeen

Call me Sylvester!

Sheila Solomon Klass

Waiting for the darkness to lift

Lloyd W. Klein

When good doctors have bad outcomes: improving clinical practice in a results-oriented environment

Rachel H. Kowalsky

The Lawnmower

Julius Kremling

Why connection matters: Understanding patients’ illness by understanding their reality

Camille Kroll

Seeking medicalization: chronic illness without diagnosed disease

Howsikan Kugathasan

The color of organ markets

Calvin Kunin

Memories of a West Virginia coal camp

Jonathan D. Lewis

Jeremiah Kenoyer’s cancer cure

Monica Maalouf

The big question

Farrin A. Manian

The lesser of evils

William Marshall


Irene Martinez

The second chart

Stacey Maslow

Cloaked in white

Sally Mather, Chris Millard, and Ian Sabroe

Thriving in the face of uncertainty

Jean Jacob Mathews

The free diaper delivery and chat service

Lea Mendes

PEACH: Providing end of life care for the homeless

Atara Messinger

“The GBM in Room 9”: On the objectifying power of naming and diagnosing

Brandon Muncan

Wounded healer WIN ’23

Jacklyn Munn

Provider empathy: a patient’s tale

Ben Murnane

The patient writer: finding meaning in authorship and illness

Ajanta Naidu

A difficult conversation

Elie Najjar

A walk on the pediatric floor 

Bernardo Ng

Hispanic, Latin, Latino, Latina, or Latinx?

Ifediba Nzube

Medicine as we know it

Dimitrios G. Oreopoulos

PDF DocumentIs there meaning in suffering?

Rebecca Osborn

A dog like that

Charles Ethan Paccione

The healing art of listening

Anthony Papagiannis

Summer heat, crisis, and the glad game

Patients bearing gifts

The girl with the name of a flower

At the turning point

Medicine as handmaiden of technology
Aspects of distancing

Shaking hands
The treasure trove of memory 
Dialogues of comfort
Life is short and Art is long: reflections on the first Hippocratic aphorism
Preparing for the unexpected
Brief encounters
Great expectations
Not-so-natural history 
Young, pretty, and not quite right
Doctor-patient reunions
Drama in brief
Once a professor…

J.M.S. Pearce

Patients and society: The big divide
Empathy or sympathy? WIN ’23

Constance E. Putnam

Doctor’s daughter: reflections on a family’s role in a physician’s practice

R – Z


Jayant Radhakrishnan and Bangalore Jayaram

Orion H. Stuteville: a surgeon’s surgeon

Tuhina Raman


Goutham Rao

The unconscious eater – The modern glutton

Shruthi Ravishankar

Heartbreak in the nursery

Javishkar Reddy

The invisible manager

Ronald Rembert


Jack Riggs

Alida Rol

“Mississipi Appendectomy” and other stories: When silence is complicity

Damiano Rondelli

People or numbers: healing and efficiency

Gregory Rose

        The big sheepdog

Brianna Rossiter


Paul Rousseau

Wedding anniversary

Kate Rowland

A love story

Geoffrey Rubin, Mark Abrams, and D. Edmund Anstey

The Plague and physician burnout

Gregory W. Rutecki

Retirement reflections: from code to compassion with Chloe

Shrestha Saraf and Sudarshan Ramachandran

Homeopathy: medicine or placebo?

Aneesa Sataur

Pain and palpation: reading the body narrative with the osteopathic medical touch

Ami Schattner

From enigma to Jeremy

Christopher J. Schayer


Riley Scherr

Words WIN ’23

Naomi Schlesinger, Gregory Maniatis, Ranita Sharma, and Boris D. Veysman

The diagnostic eclipse

Gautam Sen

Spirituality in medicine

Ariana Shaari

Dr. Arrieta’s lesson: Have we lost something in the gain?

Suchita Shah

Where doctors cannot reach: tales from a British High Street

Ahmad Shakeri and Howsikan Kugathasan

A wider science

Fergus Shanahan

Support players in the story of an illness – how to behave
Medicine’s pandemonium of paradoxes

Shreya Sharma

In sickness and in health: misogyny in medicine

William Shimp

The doctor becomes the patient: an internist’s journey from skepticism to gratitude

Rebecca M. Shulman

The Basest of the Senses

Shampa Sinha

Snakes and ladders

Bryan Sisk


Annabelle Slingerland

The Beetham Eye Institute at the Joslin Diabetes Center
Patients without borders: cardiac surgery, activism, and advocacy

Annabelle Slingerland and J. Wouter Jukema

The song of diabetes

Richard Sobel

Those golden years

Richard Sobel and Peggy Aylsworth

Mimetic disease

R. S. Steinberg

The last of the “just”

James Stoeller

Flyfishing and medicine

Brittany Suann

White Australia: How white healthcare has affected Indigenous Australians

Vigneshwar and Nivetha Subramanian

Healing in post-genocide Rwanda

Chris Sumberg

Quickly now, where does it hurt?

Gordon Sun

What could have been

Irene Switankowsky

PDF Document Honoring a Patient’s Inner Wisdom

Alexandria Szalanczy

On your doctor’s orders

Mark Tan

Painting an ICU

Jessica Tang

Beyond Medicine

Kathryn Taylor

The hypocrisy of the advice-giver

Kanani Titchen

Just like that

Carla Treloar

Reflections on the practice of treatment for drug dependence

Hugh Tunstall-Pedoe

For debate: Presents from patients new

Yen-Hsiang Wang

A confession from a patient of atopic dermatitis

Dane Wanniarachige

Understanding and combatting ageism in healthcare

Simon Wein

A moonie

Caroline Wellbery


Jennifer Wineke

Decoding doctor-speak in the era of OpenNotes

Bharata Wingham

Warning: laughter can be hazardous to your illness

Singh Yadav

The impact of technology on healthcare

Andrew Yim

Pain management

Frank Yurasek

Mainstreaming acupuncture in Chicago

Wali Zahid

Health flash: humanize medicine, the time is now





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