Doctors, Patients, and Diseases

Saleh Aldasouqi

When the doctor is the patient, Spring 2010

Heather Lynn Alva

Defined spaces, Summer 2012

Anjan Banerjee

Uncertainty and clinical truths, Winter 2018 new

Lara Bazelon

The middle finger: identity crisis in the emergency room, Winter 2016

Susan M. Beck

Laundry, Fall 2013

Jeanne Bereiter

Shame, Fall 2011

Chris Bird

Abandon, Fall 2013

Rae Brown

I don’t know how it happened, Fall 2010

Farrah Bui

Healing through laughter, Winter 2014

Christopher H. Cameron

Winter race against time, Summer 2012

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, Fall 2010

Havi Carel

Breathless: philosophical lessons from respiratory illness, Winter 2014

Eric P. Cohen

Research subject, Winter 2011

Rose A. Devasia

A silent birth, Fall 2012

HP Dietz

The law of diminishing returns: biomedical research in trouble, Fall 2014

Martin Duke

A fortunate man, Winter 2011

Liam Farrell

One thing we can’t live without, Spring 2009

Nod Ghosh

The thickening of blood, Fall 2016

John Graham-Pole

First blood, Summer 2016

Remco Havermans

Eating with my daughter and her cancer, Spring 2016

Kate Hawkes

Personal magic – creativity and Shamanic ways for wellbeing, Spring 2009

Richard P. Holm

A good bedside manner, Winter 2011

Lawrence H. Jones

What’s old is new again: quackery in the age of the Internet, Winter 2014

Hannah Joyner

New life, Summer 2014

Paul Karagiannis

My first (do no harm) patient, Summer 2009

Murad Moosa Khan

Which weighs upon the heart, Spring 2017 new

Sheila Solomon Klass

Waiting for the darkness to lift, Winter 2013

Lloyd W. Klein

When good doctors have bad outcomes: improving clinical practice in a results-oriented environment, Spring 2015

Rachel H. Kowalsky

The Lawnmower, Spring 2016

Julius Kremling

Why connection matters: Understanding patients’ illness by understanding their reality, Spring 2016

Jonathan D. Lewis

Jeremiah Kenoyer’s cancer cure, Winter 2013

Farrin A. Manian

The lesser of evils, Fall 2010

William Marshall

Borderline, Winter 2013

Irene Martinez

The second chart, Winter 2014

Jean Jacob Mathews

The free diaper delivery and chat service, Winter 2018 new

Lea Mendes

        PEACH: Providing end of life care for the homeless, Spring 2017 new

Ben Murnane

The patient writer: finding meaning in authorship and illness, Summer 2013

Ajanta Naidu

A difficult conversation, Fall 2011

Dimitrios G. Oreopoulos

PDF DocumentIs there meaning in suffering?, Winter 2005

Anthony Papagiannis

Summer heat, crisis, and the glad game, Summer 2012

Patients bearing gifts, Winter 2015

The girl with the name of a flower, Fall 2015

At the turning point, Spring 2017 new

J.M.S. Pearce

Patients and society: the big divide, Spring 2015

Constance E. Putnam

Doctor’s daughter: reflections on a family’s role in a physician’s practice, Summer 2013

Goutham Rao

The unconscious – The modern glutton, Winter 2010

Alida Rol

“Mississipi Appendectomy” and other stories: When silence is complicity, Winter 2018 new

Aneesa Sataur

Pain and palpation: reading the body narrative with the osteopathic medical touch, Fall 2014

Christopher J. Schayer

Undignified, Spring 2016

Naomi Schlesinger, Gregory Maniatis, Ranita Sharma, and Boris D. Veysman

The diagnostic eclipse, Summer 2012

Fergus Shanahan

Waiting, Summer 2013
Support players in the story of an illness – how to behave, Spring 2017 new

Ravi Shankar

The man who could not stop smoking!, Spring 2015

My grandmother, Spring 2016

Rebecca M. Shulman

The Basest of the Senses, Winter 2018 new

Bryan Sisk

Feto-nosophobia, Fall 2013

Annabelle Slingerland and J. Wouter Jukema

The Song of Diabetes, Winter 2015

Richard Sobel

Those golden years, Fall 2014

Richard Sobel & Peggy Aylsworth

Mimetic disease, Summer 2014

Mary Sommers

Miracle on Kedvale, Fall 2012

When angels sing, Fall 2012

R. S. Steinberg

The last of the “just”, Spring 2013

Chris Sumberg

Quickly now, where does it hurt?, Spring 2016

Irene Switankowsky

PDF Document Honoring a Patient’s Inner Wisdom, Winter 2008

Jessica Tang

Beyond Medicine, Spring 2017 new

Kanani Titchen

Just like that, Fall 2010

Carla Treloar

Reflections on the practice of treatment for drug dependence, Spring 2013

Caroline Wellbery

Looking, Fall 2014

Bharata Wingham

Warning: laughter can be hazardous to your illness, Winter 2012

Wali Zahid

Health flash: humanize medicine, the time is now, Fall 2016