Adela Janickova

Photography of La Salpêtrière at the service of art, Winter 2016

Akli Hadid

Portrayal of schizophrenia in movies, Spring 2015

Barend Florijn and Ad Kaptein

Suffocating in the bell jar: the euthanasia request by the unbearably suffering, depressed patient, Spring 2015

Basil Brooke

Meaning and the cognitive default, Winter 2011

Benjamin Chin-Yee

Heinz Lehmann and the dawn of psychopharmacology, Winter 2016

Brian Sharpless

Mood and anxiety disorders or a return to “neurosis”?, Fall 2014

Carol Levine

A Twice-Told Tale: Nabokov and Moore on Mental Illness and Parents’ Suffering, Winter 2016

Clayton Baker

“Hills Like White Elephants” and the collusion of non-communication, Spring 2015

Daniel Luftig

Calibrating the messiah complex: a success and a failure, Spring 2015

Duncan Wheeler and Gemma Matthewman

Rock or bust: ageing, alcohol, and popular music, Spring 2015

Eric Levy

Conquering the stigma of mental illness, Summer 2016

Helga Noice & Tony Noice

Acting on your mind, Spring 2010

Jeanne Petrolle

On madness, poetry, and creativity, Fall 2014

Jessica Frost

F. Scott Fitzgerald and mental illness in 'Tender is the Night', Spring 2016

Jonathan Lewis

If Cleopatra were alive today, she would be diagnosed as a borderline personality, Winter 2014

A short story, Fall 2010

Karen Trollope Kumar

PDF Document Into the Fearful Deep: A Doctor's Reflections on Major Depressive Disorder, Fall 2014

Katie Taylor

The phantom bus stop, Fall 2014

Marina Maffoni & Francesca Dionigi

        Listening to the patient, Spring 2017

Mary T. Shannon

Dirty laundry, Fall 2011

Matthew Reidy

Looking back and forward: a personal view on public care, Spring 2016

Melissa Castora-Binkley & Elizabeth Handing

Enhanced creativity in later life, Winter 2015

Moises Enghelberg

Osteopathic medicine, touch and psychoanalysis: at a new crossroad, Spring 2015

Montserrat Lusarreta Kawas

Creativity and psychopathology in literature, Spring 2015

Nereida Esparza

Dr. Meadow’s Munchausen syndrome by proxy: the history and the controversy, Winter 2013

Rachel Baer

The poetics of the body, Spring 2015

Renato Alarcón

Honorio Delgado: A Latin-American psychiatrist, citizen of the world, Spring 2015

Sergei Jargin

Uncle and nephew: alcohol-related dementia, Fall 2014

Shaili Jain

Sectioned, Winter 2014

Shane Douglas Neilson

Alden Nowlan, the schizotypal poet, Winter 2016

Solomon Posen

The psychiatrist in literature, Summer 2009

Stephen Potts

Screenwriting: psychiatry in reverse, Winter 2014

Sylvia R. Karasu

Compassion failure, schadenfreude, and the fall of Icarus, Winter 2016