Shameemah Abrahams

Christiaan Barnard

Cynthia J. Avila

The art of surgery: ‘surgical theatrics’ on the surgeon’s stage new

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A one-millimeter push revolutionizes ear surgery: the story of Samuel Rosen and surgery of the stapes bone

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Evidence versus practice: the story of surgery in breast cancer new

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Rhinoplasty and the roosari from ancient Persia to modern day Iran

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Lord Moynihan and his Truants

Joseph Lister and the story of antiseptic surgery

Fabricius Hildanus – father of German surgery

Dominique-Jean Larrey, Napoleon’s army surgeon (1766-1842)

Sir James Paget
Loyal Davis (1896 – 1982)

James L. Franklin


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Operation Cooperation

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JB Murphy: Chicago’s great but controversial surgeon

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Ghosts from the Ether Dome new

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Pursuit of immortality: Dr. Amosov new

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Abulcasis, the pharmacist surgeon

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Richard Selzer’s last grand rounds at Yale
Impostor syndrome: Richard Selzer’s life of doubt new

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Christian Fenger (1840-1902)

William Stewart Halsted (1852-1920)

Karl A. Meyer (1888-1972)
Sir Astley Cooper: the surgeon’s surgeon new
Campbell de Morgan (1811-1876) new