Infectious Disease

Anahita Dua

Quarantining souls: the impact of plague village, Summer 2015

Andrea Meyerhoff

Streptococcus and me, Spring 2011

Antoinette van der Kuyl

Dandy fever in New Orleans, 1828, Summer 2015

Art Boylston

Smallpox inoculation: prelude to vaccination, Fall 2014

Barry Cathlove

Plague Sydney 1900, Spring 2010

Beth Jarosz

Casanova: Patient Zero and other insights into sexual health in the 1700s, Summer 2014

Clara Orban

AIDS literature: a cross cultural perspective, Winter 2009

Constance E. Putnam

Lajos Markusovszky: Semmelweis’s Best Friend, Spring 2016

Cristóbal S Berry-Cabán

Katherine Anne Porter and the 1918 Influenza Epidemic, Summer 2017 new

Damiano Rondelli

Edward Jenner (1749-1823): from variolation to vaccination, Spring 2016

David M Morens, Gregory K Folkers, & Anthony S Fauci

Emerging infections: a perpetual challenge, Winter 2009

Emmanuel Ugokwe

Penicillin’s unique discovery, Fall 2013

George Dunea

Fracastorius, the man who named syphilis, Summer 2016

George Venters

Leith in the time of cholera – the story of Thomas Latta, Winter 2015

Godfrey Pearlson

Smallpox vaccination in the satirical work of James Gillray, Spring 2015

Gregory M. Rutecki

Consumption, Collapse, and Family by Alice Neel, Fall 2015

Tuberculosis Retrenched at Saranac Lake: A Herald for Contemporary Hospitals, Fall 2015

Reflections on early 20th century tuberculosis: a juxtaposition of Thomas Mann’s The Magic Mountain and Edward L. Trudeau’s Autobiography, Spring 2017 new

Janet Wolter

Recollections of a polio ward, Spring 2016

Jennifer Summers

A flu that brought nations to a standstill, Spring 2015

Juan–Carlos Argüelles

The early days of the Nobel Prize and Golden Age of Microbiology, Winter 2013

Kayvon Modjarrad

A changing paradigm for medical research: the evolution of the clinical trial, Fall 2013

Kenneth Okpomo

Making history by eradicating Ebola, Spring 2016

Khameer Kishore Kidia

A disease of society: cholera through the ages, Fall 2013

Lauren Lewis

A Return to a Moralistic Perception of Disease: Prudence in the Time of Cholera, Fall 2015

Lisa Mullenneaux

Outwitting ‘Typhoid Mary’, Summer 2016

Mindy A. Schwartz

Tuberculosis – a journey across time, Summer 2009

Nazan Bilgel

Lament to measles, Winter 2014

Noam Zeffren, Tova Chein, Roberrt Stern

Public health measures derived from the Jewish tradition, Winter 2016

Public health measures derived from the Jewish tradition:  II. washing and cleaning, Winter 2017 new

Peter Koplin

Ernest Black Struthers: missionary life, kala azar, and military strife, Spring 2017 new

Philip John Ryan

Lord Florey and the other war, Summer 2016

Russell Tomar

A Physician-Scientist’s odyssey at the dawn of AIDS, Spring 2016

Salvatore Barbuti, Domenico Martinelli, and Rosa Prato
        Bari in the seventh cholera pandemic, Winter 2017 new

Sarah Jane Irawa

Matushka’s ordeal, Spring 2016

Satish Saroshe

Ronald Ross: polymath and discoverer, Summer 2016

Tafadzwa Kasambira

Disclosure, Fall 2016

Terri Sinnott

One woman’s journey for a tuberculosis cure, Summer 2013

Tom Koch

Passionate medicine: the emotional fight against epidemic disease, Fall 2013


Andrea del Sarto – plague in Florence, Spring 2013

A view of syphilis from the 19th century, Summer 2012

The Plague of Athens, Winter 2012

William Kingston

Chance in the origins of antibiotics, Summer 2014