Psychiatry & Psychology

A – J

Renato Alarcón

Honorio Delgado: A Latin-American psychiatrist, citizen of the world

Rachel Baer

The poetics of the body

Kate Baggott

A love-driven model of suicide prevention

Clayton Baker

“Hills Like White Elephants” and the collusion of non-communication

Arpan K. Banerjee

Book review: A History of Insanity and the Asylum new

Marlene Oscar Berman

She changed her mind

Jesús Ramírez-Bermúdez

Delusions of being and nothingness

Cristóbal S. Berry-Cabán

Mrs. Dalloway and shell shock new

Shaan Bhambra

The Montreal Experiments: Brainwashing and the ethics of psychiatric experimentation

Basil Brooke

Meaning and the cognitive default

Melissa Castora-Binkley and Elizabeth Handing

Enhanced creativity in later life

Anthony G. Chesebro

De Profundis: Oscar Wilde’s narrative of mental anguish

Benjamin Chin-Yee

Heinz Lehmann and the dawn of psychopharmacology

Lawrence Climo

The patient who provided his own placebo and fully recovered

The mystique of psychiatry: A closer look

Henri Colt

Qualis artifex pereo

C. Ann Conn

Can the neuroaesthetics response unleash a path to psychosis?

Robert Craig

Mental hospital memories of another era

Jonathan Davidson

Christian Sibelius: Finland’s first professor of psychiatry WIN ’23

Katerina Dima

“…One must imagine Sisyphus happy”

Colleen Donnelly 

Culture frames the experience and response to psychotic delusions

Moises Enghelberg

Osteopathic medicine, touch and psychoanalysis: at a new crossroad

Nereida Esparza

Dr. Meadow’s Munchausen syndrome by proxy: The history and the controversy

Howard Fischer

“On Being Sane in Insane Places”: Psychiatric hospitalization as seen by Gabriel García Márquez and Dr. David Rosenhan
Dancing with spiders: Tarantellas and tarantism
The Barbie doll syndrome
John E. Fryer, M.D.: A majority of one new

Barend Florijn and Ad Kaptein

Suffocating in the bell jar: The euthanasia request by the unbearably suffering, depressed patient

James L. Franklin

Wilson on the couch: How Sigmund Freud and William C. Bullitt, an American diplomat, came to analyze the American president

Jessica Frost

F. Scott Fitzgerald and mental illness in Tender is the Night

S.T Gamage

When daydreaming becomes a problem

Laurie Elise Gordon

Heartache and complicated grief

Richard de Grijs and Daniel Vuillermin

Longitudinal lunacy: Science and madness in the eighteenth century

Akli Hadid

Portrayal of schizophrenia in movies

Geoff Hoppe

Poe’s murder mystery as a model of neurodiverse inclusion

Susan Jacob

Medical murder

Anne Jacobson

Carl Gustav Jung 
Viktor Frankl: The meaning of a life

Shaili Jain


Adela Janickova

Photography of La Salpêtrière at the service of art

Sergei Jargin

Uncle and nephew: Alcohol-related dementia

Migel Jayasinghe 

Life coaching
Mindfulness meditation as psychotherapy
Motivation at work

David Jeffrey

Eye contact: A gateway to empathy

Sergei Jargin

Psychopathological aspects of the war in Ukraine new

K – P


Kaitlin Kan

Rage against the machine

Robert Kaplan

Book review: The Guru, the Bagman and the Sceptic: A story of science, sex and psychoanalysis WIN ’23

Sylvia R. Karasu

Compassion failure, schadenfreude, and the fall of Icarus

Montserrat Lusarreta Kawas

Creativity and psychopathology in literature

Charles Kels

In search of Cassandra

Jennifer Keehn

Past, present, and future of psychedelic medicine

Laura King

Ada English: the forgotten fighter

Travis J. Kirkwood

Complexity and understanding

Gerda Kovacs

Geza Csath, in defense of interconnectedness

Karen Trollope Kumar

PDF Document Into the Fearful Deep: A Doctor’s Reflections on Major Depressive Disorder

Carol Levine

A twice-told rale: Nabokov and Moore on mental illness and parents’ suffering

Eric Levy

Conquering the stigma of mental illness

Jonathan Lewis

If Cleopatra were alive today, she would be diagnosed as a borderline personality

A short story

Laura van Dernoot Lipsky and Connie Burk

Trauma stewardship

Daniel Luftig

Calibrating the messiah complex: a success and a failure

Camila de Jesus Aquino Machado

Emptiness Melancholia: Depression sweet depression

Marina Maffoni and Francesca Dionigi

Listening to the patient

Ananya Mahapatra

Treating thunderbirds

       The legacy of Mercy Street seekers

Stephen Martin

Modern neuroscience and the ideas of the Enlightenment

Beninio McDonough-Tranza

The York Retreat

Caitlin Meyer

Géricault’s art of insanity

Dahlia Mukherjee


Shane Douglas Neilson

Alden Nowlan, the schizotypal poet

Bernardo Ng

“I’m really bad with numbers”: Using the mini mental status examination among farm workers in rural California

Helga Noice and Tony Noice

Acting on your mind

Cherron Payne

Psychiatric care at the historical Athens Mental Health Facility

JMS Pearce

The beginnings of humane psychiatry: Pinel and the Tukes
William Halse Rivers Rivers 
Alzheimer and his disease 
“Modern psychiatry begins with Kraepelin”
Eugen Bleuler and schizophrenia
Remembrance of things past
Thomas Szasz WIN ’23
William Sargant new
Alfred Adler new

Jane Persons

Between Frames: Liminality and the emergence of self

Jeanne Petrolle

On madness, poetry, and creativity

Solomon Posen

The psychiatrist in literature

Stephen Potts

Screenwriting: Psychiatry in reverse

Ganga Prasanth

Snapped by Snapchat: Social media and adolescents

R – Z


Libanos Redda

Six years and counting

Matthew Reidy

Looking back and forward: A personal view on public care

Nicolas Roberto Robles

Hölderlin’s madness
Hemodialysis treatment for schizophrenia?

Irving Rosen

Dr. Sabina Spielrein: Consequences of feminism and love

Jack Rosser

“Something monomanical”: Obsession and the unity of effect

Paul Rousseau

“It would be like I never existed”: Two minutes with manic psychosis, 1978

Shafiqah Samarasam

No laughing matter

Mary Seeman

The 1960s in North American psychiatry
Men, women, and idioms of distress

Soleil Shah

W.H.R. Rivers and the humane treatment of shell shock

Mary T. Shannon

Dirty laundry

Brian Sharpless

Mood and anxiety disorders or a return to “neurosis”?

Sualeha Siddiq Shekhani

Intersection of mental illness, the supernatural, and gender in Pakistan

JP Sutherland

It’s not the patient who hit you…

Katie Taylor

The phantom bus stop

Taylor Tso

Mental health in Michel Foucault’s The Birth of the Clinic and the limits of medical positivism

Annette Tuffs

The journey into the blue

Duncan Wheeler and Gemma Matthewman

Rock or bust: Ageing, alcohol, and popular music

Richard Zhang

Dr. Fanny Halpern, a psychiatric go-between of 1930s Shanghai
The white-collar antisocial personality WIN ’23




Of men and brains and rats
Margery Kempe: Medieval visions, delusions, and hallucinations
Henry Cotton: Pulling teeth to cure disease
(George Dunea) WIN ’23
Vincenzo Chiarugi, who freed the insane from their chains (George Dunea) WIN ’23