Physicians of Note

Robin Agnew

Portrait of Sir John Forbes as a young man

Mas Ahmed and Anna Payne

Frantisek Chvostek, a notable physician

Herbert Ausubel

A walk with giants

Arpan K Banerjee

Richard Mead
John Francis Hall-Edwards—a radiology pioneer
John S. Bristowe: Victorian physician and polymath
Neville Samuel Finzi—British radiotherapy pioneer
Charles Richard Box: physician, pathologist, and infectious disease pioneer
Francis Henry Williams: the first American chest radiologist

Victoria Bates

Elizabeth Casson

Marja Berclouw

Francis Galton at the Birmingham General Hospital

Ku Ezriq Raif bin Ku Besry

The Pearl of the Orient: the persistence of Dr. Wu Lien-teh new

Prem Chandran

G.K. Warrier

Bojana Cokić

Women in medicine in Serbia

JTH Connor

Sir Wilfred Thomason Grenfell: legendary physician in Newfoundland and Labrador

Jack Coulehan

The Education of Doctor Chekhov

Julian Crane

Charles Harrison Blackley: The man who put the hay in hay fever

Raymond Curry

Carlos Montezuma, MD

Luciano Daliento, Lucia Dal Bianco, & Gabriella Romeo

Ramazzini and the birth of occupational medicine

Joseph deBettencourt

Sir George Frederick Still (1868-1941): The constant pediatrician

Noah DeLone

Luigi Galvani: a short portrait

Martin Duke

Frank Gill Slaughter: physician and writer

George Dunea

J.I. Guillotin: reformer and humanitarian

Albert Schweitzer: physician philosopher

John Chamber, physician to Henry VIII

Benjamin Hoadly, physician and playwright

Herman Boerhaave

Carl von Rokitansky (1804-1881)

Theodore de Mayerne: prince of all doctors

Joseph Bell, supreme diagnostician

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

Charles Lucas, MD: politics and mineral baths

Thomas Hodgkin

Sir Samuel Wilks (1824-1911)

William Babington
Caleb Hillier Parry

        Giorgio Baglivi, a leading physician of his time

Paul Bussière, Huguenot physician in London (c.1660-1739)
Parkes Weber and his eponyms
William Cullen (1710-1790)
Phillipe Gaucher (1854-1918)
Girolamo Cardano: Renaissance physician and polymath 
The hectic life of Leonardo Fioravanti 
Fortunio Liceti (1577-1567)—Aristotelean teratologist
Sir John Pringle, public health and military medicine pioneer
Joseph Škoda (1805–1881) new

Josephine Ensign

Gospel Argonaut

María Belén Eyheramonho

Life-giving doctors: the hard decision of self-surrender

Stephen Finn

C. Louis Leipoldt: the polymath physician and literary giant 

Howard Fischer 

Dr. Joycelyn Elders: an unwelcome prophet new

James L. Franklin

Franz Anton Mesmer

Medicine and Physicians during the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration: Overview

Frederick A. Cook, MD: First to reach the North Pole or A Hero in Disgrace?

Reginald Koettlitz: Geologist, Explorer, and Scott’s Forgotten Surgeon

Edward Leicester Atkinson: Parasitologist, Explorer, War Hero

Edward Adrian Wilson: Artist, Naturalist, Edwardian Hero
From woodpeckers to Auenbrugger 

Chris Gilleard

Charles-Edouard Brown-Séquard

James Goodwin & Peter Kopplin

Walter Campbell: more than a footnote

Patrick Guinan

Thomas Linacre: catalyst for the Renaissance

John Locke

Paula Hellal

Charles West: 19th century childhood expert

Barry I. Hoffbrand

Dr. Monro, Mr. Turner, and his mother

Anne Jacobson

The “English Hippocrates” and the disease of kings
Alice Hamilton: physician and scientist of the dangerous trades

Angela Ann Joseph

Ida Sophia Scudder

Sylvia R. Karasu

Albert C. Barnes, MD: the physician who spun silver into gold

Maria Stack Kinsella 

Dr. Currier McEwen

Katie King

Mary Josephine Hannan: portrait of a pioneer 

Laura King

Morris Fishbein, MD—foe of four-flushers, flimflammers, and fakes

C. Frederick Kittle

Benjamin Rush—Heritage and Hope

Cynthia Kramer

Marie Elizabeth Zakrzewska: immigrant, physician, teacher

K.N. Lai

Sun Yat-sen, father of the Republic of China

William Leeming

Madge Thurlow Macklin: medical genetics

Marshall A. Lichtman

The Quaker and the Jew, an enduring and impactful friendship: Thomas Hodgkin and Moses Montefiore

Philip Liebson

John Caius, the polymath who described the sweating sickness new

Kevin R. Loughlin

Benjamin Rush: physician, patriot, and polymath

Frances Oldham Kelsey: A medical profile in courage

James A. Marcum

Giorgio Baglivi and The Practice of Physick

Byron McGaffey & Ann McGaffey

Hazel Louise McGaffey, MD

Edward McSweegan

Dr. Avery, Medicine Woman

Adil Menon

Joseph Goldberger: epidemiology’s unsung hero

K.S. Mohindra

Mary Poonen Lukose

Marie-Catherine Mousseau

Robert Todd: overlooking big achievements

Kirtan Nautiyal

       Thomas Hodgkin: the limits of idealism

Alex Ngo

Sir William Stewart Duke-Elder

Tran Nguyen Ngoc Nhu

The significant contributors to the history and development of Vietnam’s medicine sector new

Joshua D. Niforatos and Gregory W. Rutecki

From bedside to bench and beyond: the legacy of Dr. Eric G.L. Bywaters

Maja Nowakowski

Rosalyn Yalow: Opinions and Actions

Oladele Olajide Onada

Ephraim McDowell Cosgrave: Irish physician

Anthony Papagiannis

Paul Brand and the myth of rotting flesh

Krutika Parasar

Frank H. Krusen—the father of physical medicine and rehabilitation

Yasaswi Paruchuri

Virginia Apgar: our Jimmy

JMS Pearce

Elizabeth Blackwell, MD

The mysteries of James Lind and scurvy

Stephen Hales: the priest who pioneered clinical physiology

Dr. John Wall and Royal Worcester porcelain

        Henrik Sjögren and his syndrome
        Luigi Galvani: beginnings of electrophysiology 

John Arbuthnot: physician, wit, and creator of John Bull
Thomas Sydenham, “The English Hippocrates”
Roget and his Thesaurus
Thomas Young MD FRS (1773-1829): “The Last Man Who Knew Everything.” 
The wayward Paracelsus
Johannes Jacob Wepfer (1620-1695) new
Elizabeth Garrett Anderson new

Einar Perman

Carl Linnaeus – botanist and physician

Nils Rosén von Rosenstein: founder of pediatrics

Jayant Radhakrishnan


Shireen Rafeeq

Avicenna, the prince of physicians

John Raffensperger

Beloved physicians: three unsung heroes new

Tonse N. K. Raju

Dr. Charles Alexander Eastman

Birju Rao

Joseph C. Carpue: failing to pass on the baton

Sue Reeves

Cicely Williams and kwashiorkor

Nicolas Roberto Robles

Doctor Schiller

Vicent Rodilla and Alicia López-Castellano

Salernitan women

Ramin Sam

Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi

Beerelli Seshi & Marshall Lichtman

Yellapragada SubbaRow: a profile in greatness

Kate Elizabeth Shipman and Sudarshan Ramachandran

Thomas Addison

Michael D. Shulman

Arthur Conan Doyle and the romance of medicine

Stanford Shulman

Charles-Michel Billard, an overlooked pediatric pioneer

Aditi Sivaramakrishnan

Pierre Bretonneau

Annabelle Slingerland

Dr. Samuel Sarphati

Jiyeon Son

Heo Jun: brilliant physician in 16th century Korea

Alexandru Gh. Sonoc

Paracelsus: physician and alchemist

Mariel Tishma

William Gorgas – Life and Medical Legacy
African American medical pioneers
A surgeon and a gentleman: the life of James Barry
The life of a trailblazer: Ogino Ginko, one of the first female doctors in Japan
Dr. Susan LaFlesche Picotte: tradition, assimilation, and healing new

John J. Turner

Grandfather of allergy: Dr. Bill Frankland, the ardent centenarian

Meg Vigil-Fowler

Dr. Rebecca Cole and racial health disparities in nineteenth-century Philadelphia

Alan S. Weber

Ibn Sīnā cures a prince who thinks he is a cow

Elliot Weisenberg

Rudolf Virchow, pathologist, anthropologist, and social thinker

Göran Wettrell

William Withering and the use of foxglove in pediatric patients
William Osler: clinician and teacher with a pediatric interest

Frank A. Wollheim

Jan Waldenström and Dag Hammaskjöld: a friendship between two Swedish humanists

Jan Gösta Waldentröm: a pioneer of translational medicine

Torsten Almén 1931-2016. Inventor of non-ionized contrast media
Jöns Jacob Berzelius: physician, scientist, and globetrotter
Erik Jorpes: from Kökar to Helsingfors, Moscow, and Stockholm new

A.J. Wright

“Without dissent”: early black physicians in Alabama

Sumana Vardhan

Muthulakshmi Reddi: physician, activist, and social revolutionary

Roseanne Zhao and Roy Zhao

Alfred Salter: physician, visionary, politician, and social reformer


Mary Putnam Jacobi, advocate for women in society and medicine
Sophia Louisa Jex-Blake, first British woman doctor