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Other distinguished physicians

Caton, Richard (1842–1926) – English physician, discovered in 1875 the brain’s electricity by placing direct electrodes on the exposed cortexes of cats and monkeys

Dietl, Józef (1804–1878) – Austro-Polish physician, Prof. at Jagiellonian University in Kraków, described the symptom of loin pain after drinking a fluid load in patients with pelviurete

Luria, Salvador (1912–1991) – Won 1969 Nobel Prize in Medicine with Max Delbruck and Alfred Hershey for demonstrating that bacterial resistance to virus infection occurred through genetic mutation and that bacteria were suitable subjects for genetic research. Taught James D. Watson (of Watson and Crick)

Marum, Martin(us) van (1750–1837) – Dutch physician, chemist, and curator, member of the Dutch Society of Science, worked with nitrous oxide and other gases

Wren, Christopher (1632–1723) – Architect, injected a mixture of alcohol and opium intravenously into a dog. The dog was briefly anesthetized and made a full recovery



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