Infectious Disease

Juan–Carlos Argüelles

The early days of the Nobel Prize and Golden Age of Microbiology

Salvatore Barbuti, Domenico Martinelli, and Rosa Prato

Bari in the seventh cholera pandemic

Cristóbal S Berry-Cabán

Katherine Anne Porter and the 1918 Influenza Epidemic

Nazan Bilgel

Lament to measles

Art Boylston

Smallpox inoculation: prelude to vaccination

Barry Cathlove

Plague Sydney 1900

Abigail Cline

Tales from the crypt: the mosaic symbolism of Louis Pasteur’s tomb

Jose de la Fuente
        Anaplasmosis: what we can learn from Lam’s surrealistic animalarium new
Anahita Dua

Quarantining souls: the impact of plague village

George Dunea

Fracastorius, the man who named syphilis

Denis Gill

Polio conundrums

Sarah Jane Irawa

Matushka’s ordeal

Beth Jarosz

Casanova: Patient Zero and other insights into sexual health in the 1700s

Tafadzwa Kasambira


Larry Kerr

Preparing for a zombie apocalypse new

William Kingston

Chance in the origins of antibiotics

Khameer Kishore Kidia

A disease of society: cholera through the ages

Tom Koch

Passionate medicine: the emotional fight against epidemic disease

Peter Koplin

Ernest Black Struthers: missionary life, kala azar, and military strife

Antoinette van der Kuyl

Dandy fever in New Orleans, 1828

Lauren Lewis

A Return to a Moralistic Perception of Disease: Prudence in the Time of Cholera

Kevin Loughlin

Salk and Sabin: the disease, the rivalry and the vaccine

Salvatore Mangione

Bugs and people: when epidemics change history

Andrea Meyerhoff
        Streptococcus and me

Matthew Migliozzi, David Forstein, Sarah Rindner & Robert Stern

Public health measures derived from the Jewish tradition: III. The Bris: Jewish ritual circumcision and hemophilia

Kayvon Modjarrad

A changing paradigm for medical research: the evolution of the clinical trial

David M Morens, Gregory K Folkers, & Anthony S Fauci

Emerging infections: a perpetual challenge

Lisa Mullenneaux

Outwitting ‘Typhoid Mary’

M. Sophia Newman

The hidden history of Lomidine

Kenneth Okpomo

Making history by eradicating Ebola

Clara Orban

AIDS literature: a cross cultural perspective

J.M.S. Pearce

Leprosy: A nearly forgotten malady

Godfrey Pearlson

Smallpox vaccination in the satirical work of James Gillray

Constance E. Putnam

Lajos Markusovszky: Semmelweis’s Best Friend

Astrid Primadhani

Disease mapping: tracing the urban epidemic

Vicent Rodilla

El garrotillo: on diphtheria and Goya new

Damiano Rondelli

Edward Jenner (1749-1823): from variolation to vaccination

Gregory M. Rutecki

Consumption, Collapse, and Family by Alice Neel

Tuberculosis Retrenched at Saranac Lake: A Herald for Contemporary Hospitals

Reflections on early 20th century tuberculosis: a juxtaposition of Thomas Mann’s The Magic Mountain and Edward L. Trudeau’s Autobiography

Philip John Ryan

Lord Florey and the other war

Satish Saroshe

Ronald Ross: polymath and discoverer

Mindy A. Schwartz

Tuberculosis – a journey across time

Terri Sinnott

One woman’s journey for a tuberculosis cure

Robert Stern, Piotr Kozlowski, and David Forstein

Jewish ritual immersion in the mikveh and the concept of communal immunity

Jennifer Summers

A flu that brought nations to a standstill

Mariel Tishma

Clara Maass, yellow fever, and the early days of ethical medical testing new

Russell Tomar

A Physician-Scientist’s odyssey at the dawn of AIDS

Kathryn Tone

Washington’s deadliest enemy

Emmanuel Ugokwe

Penicillin’s unique discovery

George Venters

Leith in the time of cholera – the story of Thomas Latta

Janet Wolter

Recollections of a polio ward

Noam Zeffren, Tova Chein, Roberrt Stern

Public health measures derived from the Jewish tradition

Public health measures derived from the Jewish tradition:  II. washing and cleaning

Raisa Zubareva

Path of compassion


Andrea del Sarto – plague in Florence

A view of syphilis from the 19th century

The Plague of Athens
Dr. Uplavici’s studies on amebic dysentery new