A – J

Marissa Armoogam

Pain versus survival

Cynthia J. Avila

The art of surgery: ‘surgical theatrics’ on the surgeon’s stage

Arpan K. Banerjee

Samuel Solly—distinguished surgeon and educator
William Marsden, surgeon and founder of the Royal Free and Royal Marsden Hospitals, London 
William Sands Cox—surgeon and founder of the Birmingham Medical School 

Mahmood Bhutta

A one-millimeter push revolutionizes ear surgery: the story of Samuel Rosen and surgery of the stapes bone

Robert Biggar

Evidence versus practice: the story of surgery in breast cancer

Julius Bonello and S. Ayesha Hasan

It is good to be the king: the French surgical revolution

Julius Bonello and George E. Tsourdinis

Howard Kelly’s avant-garde autopsy method

Margareta-Erminia Cassani

Blood under the moon: the role of astrology in surgery

George Dunea

Lord Moynihan and his Truants

Joseph Lister and the story of antiseptic surgery

Fabricius Hildanus – father of German surgery

Dominique-Jean Larrey, Napoleon’s army surgeon (1766-1842)

Sir James Paget
Loyal Davis (1896 – 1982)

Christian Fenger (1840-1902)

William Stewart Halsted (1852-1920)

Karl A. Meyer (1888-1972)
Sir Astley Cooper: the surgeon’s surgeon
Campbell de Morgan (1811-1876) 
Robert Liston—the fastest knife in town
James Syme, the Napoleon of surgery (1799–1870)
William Cheselden, father of modern British surgery
Jean Mery, distinguished French surgeon
The times of Gaspare Tagliacozzi, founder of plastic surgery
Theodor Kocher (1841-1917)
Abraham Colles—giant among surgeons
Lawson Tait, father of aseptic surgery and gynecology 
George Crile Sr., founder of the Cleveland Clinic
Nicholas Senn, the great master of abdominal surgery
Wilhelm Baum (1799–1883)
Claudius Amyand (c. 1680–1740) of the first appendectomy WIN ’23
Ernst von Bergmann, the surgeon who heat-sterilized surgical instruments WIN ’23
Thomas Curling (1811–1888) new

Howard Fischer

Dr. Dominique Larrey
Book review: The Facemaker: One Surgeon’s Battle to Mend the Disfigured Soldiers of World War I

Brody M. Fogleman, Cristin B. Grant, Harsh Jha, and Noel Brownlee

Pierre Fauchard (1678–1761), dentistry’s founding father new

James L. Franklin


Denis Gill

Operation Cooperation

John Graham-Pole

The surgeon

Lila Haile

Ambroise Paré

Anne Jacobson

Christmas with Dupuytren and Lisfranc

K – P


Zeynel A. Karcioglu

Pig-tail probe

Violet Kieu

Think like a surgeon

Isabel Legarda

Ghosts from the Ether Dome

Philip R. Liebson

Alexis Carrel: the sunshine and the shadow

Kevin R. Loughlin

W.W. Keen: physician to the presidents

Olena Lupalo

Pursuit of immortality: Dr. Amosov

Iain Macintyre

Thomas Keith; pioneer photographer and pioneer surgeon

Fadlurrahman Manaf

Homini Verminoso who created “Orthopaedia”

Stephen Martin

Alfred Skirrow Robinson: the colorful life of a Roaring Twenties surgeon 
The memorial of Thomas Johnson, eighteenth-century barber surgeon

Michael Meguid

The colors of pride

It takes a team

Anthony Papagiannis


Kush Patel

William Webster, the first modern Canadian academic anesthesiologist new

JMS Pearce

Wilfred Batten Lewis Trotter (1872-1939)
Sir Geoffrey Langdon Keynes
Arthur William Mayo-Robson
Walter Edward Dandy

R – Z


Jayant Radhakrishnan

Tutorial for surgeons by Lawrence Peter Berra
Unconventional wisdom: A risky business new

Jayant Radhakrishnan and Mohammad Ezzi

Nobel Laureate Surgeons

Jayant Radhakrishnan and Nathaniel Koo

Atypical appendectomies

The appendicitis conundrum

John Raffensperger

Hippocrates, abortion, and cutting for stone
The surgery of pyloric stenosis in Chicago
Potts and Pott
Harvey Cushing: Surgeon, Author, Soldier, Historian 1869-1939
Conjoined twins: art, ethics, and the media
Dr. Will and Dr. Charlie: William James Mayo, (1861-1938) and Charles Horace Mayo (1865-1939)
Ephraim McDowell, father of ovariotomy

Damiano Rondelli

The early days in the history of appendectomy

Tyler B. Rouse

The brief and strange history of mesmerism and surgery

Subramoniam Rangaswami

The sweetest gift

Sukanya Sam

Locard’s principle and the surgeon

Tilman Sauerbruch

A drawing created during World War I

Annabelle Slingerland and Leon Lacquet

Ferdinand Sauerbruch, father of thoracic surgery

Linda S. Slusser

Thomas Dent Mütter: innovative surgeon and teacher

Earl C. Smith

René Favaloro

Samuel Spencer

Banishing that dread of being cut

Richard Spicer

Bristol Children’s Hospital and esophageal atresia

Mahala Yates Stripling

Richard Selzer’s last grand rounds at Yale
Impostor syndrome: Richard Selzer’s life of doubt
“What’s a soul?”: Richard Selzer finds the spirit in the flesh

Rumen Vodenicharov

Nikolay Pirogov, the knight of virtuous deeds

Judith Wagner

René G. Favaloro: one world is not enough

Mildred Wilson

Ambroise Pare: standard bearer for barber-surgery reform

Frank A. Wollheim

Surgeon and ambassador of the humanities: homage à Grace and Philip Sandblom

Larry Zaroff

A death in the operating room




Orthoses, prostheses, and splints (JMS Pearce)

John of Arderne, founder of English surgery
Konrad Langenbeck 1776-1851
Preparation for surgery
Primitive surgery 
The village surgeon
Lucas van Leyden: ear surgery
Up to date orthopedics
Sawing to the bone
Georg Bartisch, early Renaissance eye-surgeon
William Morton first demonstrates the use of ether anesthesia
Saints Damian and Cosmas removing a bullet from a man’s chest
Ambroise Paré shown amputating a leg on the battlefield