Shameemah Abrahams

Neurologica – disorders of the dream world

MAS Ahmed & Ridhwan Bin Hassan

Epilepsy: from the early civilizations to modern days

David J. Bradbury-Squires


Jason Brandt

The amnesic jokester

Richard Brown andThalia Garvock-de Montbrun

Broca’s Brains: A lesson in the importance of saving the history of neuroscience new

Bindu Desai

How will I change three buses to get to that hospital?

Colleen Donnelly

Oliver Sacks and seeing beyond synecdoche

George Dunea

Dementia paralytica

Charcot and his “grandes hysteriques”

Joseph Babinski of the Babinski Sign

Moritz Romberg
Sir Charles Symonds 1890-1978, the neurologist’s neurologist
Pierre Marie (1853-1940)
Kinnier Wilson
Parkinson’s disease, the enduring eponym
Jules Dejerine
Jean Cruveilhier – first described the lesions of multiple sclerosis
Encephalitis lethargica 

James L. Franklin

Revisiting a medical classic

Jaleed Ahmed Gilani

The human brain: writer of our stories

Frederic Gilbert & Alexandre Wenger

Reading in the brain

Paula Hellal

Language difficulties in the child patient in Victorian Britain

Christopher C. Hemond

On not remembering faces

Rayda Aaishah Joomun

Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland

Sylvia Karasu

“I shouldn’t know you again if we did meet:” Prosopagnosia

Anika Khan

Locked-in syndrome: inside the cocoon

Yvonne Kusiima

Carroll’s Wonderland

Bo Laestadius

Pascal’s disease

Karen Langer

Amnesia remembered

Catherine Lanser

Discovering migraines

Marshall Lichtman

Eye-brain-extremity coordination and enduring sports achievement new

Philip R. Liebson

Walter E. Dandy, one of the founders of neurosurgery new

Silvia Maina

The intricate forest of the neuron new

Margaret Marcum

Oliver Sacks and caring for the whole person

Michael McColly

The brain is wider than the sky: integrating insights of neuroscience with Hatha Yoga

Gianfranco Natale & Paola Lenz

Pacini’s corpuscles and occult sciences

Faraze A. Niazi & Jack E. Riggs

Can behavioral variant frontotemporal dementia salvage Semmelweis?

JMS Pearce

Evolution from recapitulation theory to Neural Darwinism
William Alexander Hammond
Duchenne de Boulogne
William Richard Gowers MD., FRS.
Gordon Morgan Holmes MD., FRS.
Wilder Penfield
Epidemic encephalitis lethargica
Tendon reflex hammers
Origins of the knee jerk
Walter Russell Brain DM FRCP FRS (1895–1966) 
Sir Francis Walshe MD FRS 
William John Adie (1886–1935) 
Howard H. Tooth CB., CMG., MD., FRCP.
Derek Ernest Denny-Brown
Macdonald Critchley 
John Hughlings Jackson 
Multiple sclerosis: early descriptions 
The migraine aura and royal astronomers new
A note on handedness new
Edward Lear new
Franz Joseph Gall and phrenology new
Theodor Meynert new
Paul Pierre Broca new

Christina Perri

Faith, neuroscience, and “the thorn” in Paul’s side: Abrahamic interpretations of epilepsy

J Rush Pierce


Jack Riggs

Hammond, Lincoln, and the emergence of American neurology
Sir Victor Horsley’s fatal blind spot

Brent da Silva Russell

Somnambulance and other surprises

Terri Sinnott

A legacy of pain: heredity and migraines

Irene Switankowsky

PDF Document Emotional Competence as a Way of Disease Prevention

Isuri Upeksha Wimalasiri

Left-handedness: is it the winner’s curse?



A corpse with living eyes
Multiple [disseminated] sclerosis
The central nervous system of the leech
Staining the cells of the nervous system