Art Essays

Zohaib Ahmad

The perfection of illness

William R. Albury and George M. Weisz

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and medicine: A triumph over infirmity

The model for Albrecht Dürer’s Praying Hands

Glenn Arendts

Falls and art: an evolving story 

Niyi Awofeso and Anu Rammohan

Kindred paradigms: community arts and health advocacy in HIV/AIDS activism

Sarah Bahr

Medical deafness or the madness of war: Goya’s motivation for creating the Black Paintings

Alan W. Bates

The anatomy of beauty in nineteenth-century England

Michael Baum

The beauty of nature and the nature of beauty

Markley Boyer

William Sanger – the artist as health activist

Emily Boyle

The art of consumption – TB and John Lavery

A picture of ill-health: the illness of Elizabeth Siddal

Giovanni Ceccarelli

Art and alcohol 
Love and death; painting the farewell

Enrique Chaves-Carballo

Abram Belskie: sculptor of medical medallions

Chris Clark

Signs of diseases in art

Lawrence Climo

Art appreciation under the radar

Elizabeth Colledge 

Tobias and the Angel—miracle or medical? 

J.T.H. Connor

The striking social tableaux vivants of Lejaren à Hiller (1920s to 1940s)

Vincent Cracolici

Lord Howard Florey and the use of visual art in medicine

Margo Davis

The power of the creative

Vincent P. de Luise

Ghirlandaio, humanism, and truth: the portrait of an elderly man and young boy

Laurinda Dixon

Bosch’s Stone Operation: meaning, medicine, and morality

Art and the myth of the “wandering womb”

Jeanne Dsouza

The Potato Eaters: brushstrokes of sickness and sustenance

Mary Lynn Everson and Greg Halvorsen Schreck

The Marjorie Kovler Center quilts

Thom Ferrier

Cruel to be kind

Howard Fischer

Pieter Bruegel and The Parable of the Blind

Ensor’s use of emesis in art
Depiction of defecation in the works of Pieter Bruegel
Diagnosing Mona Lisa

Daniel Gelfman

A detailed depiction of a “crime scene” circa 1455

Florence Gelo

The art of loss

The painter and the potter: voices in color and texture
The vulnerability of love
Gently, Doctor, tell me what you see

Katrina Genuis

The Isenheim Altarpiece and ‘homeopathic’ hospital art

Nancy Gershman

Lost Babies: how a photosculpture is changing the etiquette of consolation
Campaigning for Craig: the healing power of a legacy T-shirt

Mark Gilbert and James E. Van Arsdall

Portraiture in the head and neck cancer clinic: A patient’s perspective

Frank Gonzalez-Crussi

Bronzino and the wages of sin

Lovesickness in art and medicine

Prudence L. Gourguechon

The Dead Mother Series of Egon Schiele: psychoanalytic use of an artist’s image

Rebecca Grossman-Kahn

Arthur Bispo do Rosário: creation in psychosis

Sarah Hartley

Architecture and the French hospital

Elizabeth Irvin

Seasick: Lessons in human anatomy from Hyman Bloom’s The Hull (1952) new

Farrah Jawad

Wounded deer—medical aspects of the life of Frida Kahlo

Stephanie Jiang

Memento mori in medicine new

Seth Judson

Rodin’s Large Left Hand 1903

Nicholas Kang

Letters from the asylum
The Portrait of Doctor Gachet

Zeynel Karcioglu

Edgar Degas’ light sensitivity and its effects on his art

Viney Kirpal

Using art to educate about breast cancer

Peter Kopplin

Monet and his cataracts

Maria S. Landaeta, Aldo L. Schenone, and Gregory W. Rutecki

Art, Cristobal Rojas, and tuberculosis: a Latin American cultural experience

Jorge A. Lazareff

The brain

Elizabeth Lee

Therapeutic beauty

Jeffrey M. Levine

The two hemispheres of medicine

Ruth Margalit and Christopher Leet

Finding a Voice

Jessica Lobo

Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam

Kevin R. Loughlin

Strabismo di Venere—Michelangelo’s David

Eliette Markhbein

WHACK’ed … and then everything was different: portraits of traumatic brain injury survivors

Capturing recovery from trauma on canvas

Andrea Marks

An image in time: medical photography in dermatology

Stephen Martin

Anatomy and pathology in Zurbaran’s Jewish and Christian figures
Ophthalmology in Regency era China: a portrait of Thomas Richardson Colledge by George Chinnery
The painting of the Good Samaritan in Bracciano Castle

Jimin Mathew and Lucy Samuel

Gav’s Frida Kahlo: Heroine of Pain

JH McAuley

Migrainous scotomata in art

Adil Menon

Manga as medical critique

Sally Metzler

A Night with Venus, a lifetime with Mercury: syphilis among the British aristocracy in William Hogarth’s marriage à-la-mode
Death by Dysentery? Artist Frank Russell Wadsworth in Madrid
Monet’s illnesses: beyond cataracts

Emilio Mordini

Tithonus and Eos

Alejandro Ortiz Bullé Goyri and Carlos Valverde-R

The anonymous Olmec artisan and Velázquez

Francisco Goya’s “black period”

Roger Paden

Philosophy and Medicine

Michelle Paff

The tracheotomy

JMS Pearce

Art and Medicine

The anatomy of Michelangelo (1475-1564)
Mental illness in art
Richard Dadd: art and madness 
Leonardo’s Vitruvian Man

Arabella Proffer

Imaging in medicine: fine art to medical art

Susan Brunn Puett and J. David Puett

Partners in healing: an early renaissance painting depicting the partnership of the divine with the physicians Cosmas and Damian

Mark Ransom

The artistic depiction of Christ’s crucifixion: history meets biomechanics

Cody Ritz

Ellen Powell Tiberino’s The Operation

Nicolas Robles

Diego Rivera and Hernan Cortes

Vicent Rodilla, Alicia López-Castellano, and Christina Ribes-Vallés

Tooth extraction in art: from the dental key to the forceps 

Irving Rosen

The special art of Vienna

Julia van Rosmalen and Thomas van Gulik

The wounds of Christ and Prometheus – two of a kind?

Douglas Russell

Mindfulness in art: Robert Rauschenberg’s White Painting

Gregory Rutecki

When the sensory lens is an artistic prism: the brain, Kandinsky, and multisensory art

Abbott Handerson Thayer’s art and fin de siècle American culture

Mary T. Shannon

Crossing boundaries: visual representations of death and dying

Adam R. Shapiro

The Gross Clinic as religious painting: Eakins, affect, and anatomy

Sam Shuster

Darwin at the Chinese opera
Michelangelo’s David and the anatomical politics of religious art

Mirjana Stojkovic-Ivkovic

Alcohol and the art of David Terniers Jr
Art therapy: a historical perspective
Traumatic experience and creativity: René Magritte

Kelley Swain

Stitches as mending, stitches as healing

Kateryna Tsoi

How black turned white

Kierstin Utter and Kyle Utter

Wyeth and the symbolism of immobility

Sathyaraj Venkatesan and Anu Mary Peter

Life is a game: visual metaphors in Brian Fies’s Mom’s Cancer

Natalia Angeles Vieyra

Illuminating addiction: morphinomania in fin-de-siècle visual culture

Yvonne Pepin-Wakefield

Color, image and symbol: memory recalling the 1990 Iraqi invasion of Kuwait through drawings

Christopher Walker

Painter, interrupted: Mary Cassatt and illness

Simon Wein

Surrealist art and the resolution of absurd

Caroline Wellbery

A painful but tender embrace: Robert Pope’s Aesculapius

Göran Wettrell

“The Sick Child” in Scandinavian art

Steve Wheeler

A proliferation of monsters: art of the weird as expressions of anxiety in Britain and Japan

Eric Will

The incidental reach of pattern in Medicine and Art

Ian Williams

Graphic medicine

Mildred Wilson

Passion, paint, and pain: The journey of Robert Seldon Duncanson
Mark Rothko and the dialogue in his mind

Serena Yue

Dear brainstem, you remind me of the Mona Lisa WIN ’23