Books & Reviews

Fizzah Ali

The creation of Tennessee Williams’ Blanche Dubois: a biographical psychotic neurotic, Spring 2016

Sara Baker

The truth in facts is a derelict ruin: forging a self through fiction, Spring 2015

Sima Barmania

Book Review: Alain de Botton’s The Pleasures and Sorrow of Work, Winter 2011

Rachel Conrad Bracken

The eyes of Doctor T. J. Eckleburg and the diagnostic gaze as moral authority in The Great Gatsby, Spring 2015

Shelley Co

Moreau’s mysterious creatures, Spring 2016

JTH Connor

The craft of medical reflection, Spring 2017 new

George Dunea

PDF Document Reading for pleasure, Winter 1978

PDF Document Other ways in other worlds, Spring 1980

PDF Document Symphonic praise, Fall 2006

PDF Document The Anatomy of Melancholy, Summer 2007

PDF Document On reading Proust, Winter 2006

PDF Document Axel Munthe and the story of San Michele, Spring 2006

James L. Franklin

Two Scottish tales of medical compassion, Spring 2012

GI Joe: the life and career of Dr. Joseph B. Kirsner, Summer 2009

Book review: The stomach – a biography by Jeremy Hugh Baron, Spring 2014

Peter Korsten

Thomas Mann’s “The Magic Mountain”: about a whistling pneumothorax and pulmonary tuberculosis, Spring 2015

Carol Levine

The Lady Writer and the Valkyrie: Magda Szabo’s Novel The Door, Winter 2016

Aging in (another) place: Magda Szabo’s novel Iza’s ballad, Winter 2017 new

Christina Lee
        Queer and unked: disability, monstrosity, and George Eliot’s ‘Sympathy’, Winter 2017 new

Yeji Lee

Black man, white coat, Spring 2016

Peter McCann

Suffering and empathy in the stories of Anton Chekhov and their relevance to healthcare today, Winter 2014

Mary Ann McDermott

Book review: creative arts in humane medicine, Summer 2014

Donna J.A. Olson

Edgar Allan Poe – a tormented literary genius, Winter 2016

Solomon Posen

Saul Bellow’s Doctor Adler: the achieving medical father and his non-achieving son, Spring 2009

Maria Sgouridou

Doctors and illness in Boccaccio’s Decameron, Winter 2013

Heather Stewart

Feminist Epistemologies in A Woman Under the Influence , Spring 2016

Rema Sundar

When a movie ticket to the battered may help!, Spring 2017 new

Roslyn Weaver

North and South and the intersections of environment and health, Spring 2016