Saira Elizabeth Alex

The pandemic: a medical student’s perspective

Arpan K. Banerjee 

Book Review of Intensive Care: A GP, A Community and COVID-19

Review: The History of the World in 100 pandemics, plagues and epidemics

Patrick Bell

Ancient Greek plague and coronavirus

Cristóbal S. Berry-Cabán

Katherine Anne Porter and the 1918 Influenza Epidemic

Brian Birch

COVID-19 and 1665: learning from Daniel Defoe

Denise Bockwoldt

Navigating the waters of post-COVID survivorship

Liam Butchart and Samantha Rizzo

The Call of the Wild and COVID-19

Michael Denham

The year gross anatomy faced the scalpel

Colleen Donnelly

COVID-19 and the Black Death

Catalina Florina Florescu

Covid-19 and the mind: a short play

James L. Franklin

Philip Roth’s Nemesis: a lesson for today

Daniel Gelfman

Enlightenment from Sherlock Holmes on COVID-19 associated perilous boredom

The history of polio and cigarettes, and the need for a COVID-19 vaccine mandate

Frank Gonzalez-Crussi

Animality revisited in times of the coronavirus: A fable

Dean Gianakos

When I Heard the Learn’d Epidemiologist

Victor Grech

COVID-19 and Malta’s Black Plague epidemic of 1813

Nancy L. Hagood


Mateja Lekic

Boccaccio’s Decameron in the world of the coronavirus pandemic

Norelle Lickiss

COVID time

James A. Marcum

What does the zoonotic origin of COVID-19 teach us about preventing future pandemics?

Edward McSweegan

Jack London’s cloudy crystal ball

S.E.S. Medina

Danse of the virus 

COVID-19: clinico-immunologic snapshot of a coronavirus

Helen Meldrum

Covid cascade killed my father

Margaret B. Mitchell and Graham M. Attipoe

Revisiting the “Trolley Problem” in the COVID-19 pandemic

Roger Ruiz Moral

Applause: reflections on The Plague and being a doctor in a pandemic

Anthony Papagiannis

Washing our hands

Steven Perez

A day in Texas

Jayant Radhakrishnan

The wonderful world of vaccines

Jack E. Riggs and Donald R. Newcomer

“An ounce of prevention”: past and present

Bonnie Salomon

A return to The Plague

Mariella Scerri

The 1918 Pandemic—the collective story versus the personal narrative 

Faith and patron saints during the Black Death 

Mariella Scerri and Victor Grech

Drawing parallels in pandemic art

To wear or not to wear? Attitudes towards mask wearing then and now

The history of quarantine and contact tracing as surveillance strategies

P. Ravi Shankar

Locked down!

Sanjana Sundara Raj Sreenath


James Stoller, Peter Rea, and Alan Koll

Being our best selves: hidden in full view

Jennifer Summers

A flu that brought nations to a standstill

Katherine C. White


Elena Wilson

Covid battleground

Edward Winslow

Have we learned anything from 1918-1919 influenza?

Michael Yafi

Epidemics from plague to Coronavirus

Kelley Zhao