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Sanjana Sundara Raj Sreenath
El Paso, Texas, United States


This painting portrays the physical and psychological impact of the pandemic. It captures not only the physical isolation due to social distancing but also feelings of loneliness. The cognitive and mental health after-effects can persist long after recovering from Covid-19. With increased feelings of anxiety, isolation, and depression, taking care of our mental health has become paramount. While the timeline of completely breaking free from all the ramifications of Covid-19 is uncertain, we can slowly transition towards this goal by increasing public health measures to target emotional and mental wellbeing.



Painting depicting the toll of Covid-19 on mental health
Wellbeing, by Sanjana Sundara Raj Sreenath. Acrylic painting





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SANJANA SUNDARA RAJ SREENATH is a medical student at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center – El Paso. She is particularly interested in medical humanities, graphical illustrations, and narrative medicine.


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