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September 2019 

Theme: The Glory of France



Encore: in case you missed it



Theme: Celebrating women in medicine

Rosalyn Yalow: Opinions and Actions: Maja Nowkowski

Virginia Apgar: our Jimmy: Yasaswi Paruchuri

Elizabeth Blackwell: JMS Pearce

Frances Oldham Kelsey: Kevin R. Loughlin

Cicely Williams and Kwashiorkor: Sue Reeves

Alice Hamilton: Anne Jacobson

Madge Thurlow Macklin: medical genetics: William Leeming

Ida Sophia Scudder: Angela Ann Joseph

Marie Elizabeth Zakrzewska: immigrant, physician, teacher: Cynthia Kramer

Hazel Louise McGaffey: Byron McGaffey & Ann McGaffey




Editor’s Choice


By Irving Rosen
Featured on Sept. 13, 2019


Adages: maxims, axioms, and sayings

     . . . . .

” Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested;
that is, some books are to be read only in parts; others to be read but not curiously, and some
few to be read wholly and with great diligence and attention.”

Francis Bacon

     . . . . .

” I was not a good doctor, my studies had been too rapid, my hospital training too short, but there
is not the slightest doubt that I was a successful doctor. What is the secret of success? To inspire
confidence. What is confidence?…. I do not know I only that it cannot be acquired by book reading,
nor by the bedside of our patients. It is a magic gift granted by birth-right to one man and denied
to another. The doctor who possesses this gift can almost raise the dead.” 

Axel Munthe, The Story of San Michele

     . . . . .



Theme: Latin America

The first ten hospitals on the American Continent
Marco Antonio Ayala-García

The Van Buren Hospital in the history of Chile
Carlos Astudillo

A lesson in horizontality: El Hospital San Vicente de Paúl in Medellin, Colombia
Moisés Enghelberg

Gorgas Hospital, Ancon, Panama
W. Paul McKinney

Hospital Municipal Sebastião Martins Alves, Lençóis, Bahia
Eleanor Stanford

Daniel Carrion and his disease
George Dunea

Art, Cristobal Rojas, and tuberculosis
MS Landaeta, AL Schenone, GW Rutecki

René Favaloro
Earl C. Smith




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