Hektoen International

A Journal of Medical Humanities

Nephrology and Hypertension

Rabie E. Abdel-Halim
Lithotripsy: a historical review

Andrew Bomback
Nephrology in 10 Steps

Laura Carreras-Planella, Marcella Franquesa, Ricardo Lauzurica, and Francesc E. Borràs
A brief history of kidney transplantation

Joseph deBettencourt
Korotkov’s Sound

George Dunea
History of nephrology: Beginnings
History of nephrology: The middle period
History of nephrology: Modern era
Domenico Cotugno (1736–1822)
Dr. Willem J. Kolff: A great man
Stanley Shaldon as I knew him
Thomas Addis and his times
Satoru Nakamoto
Belding Scribner and his arteriovenous Teflon shunt
Robert Kark
Sir William Gull, polymath and pioneer physician
Richard Bright, the father of nephrology
Pierre Rayer (1793–1867) – first to use microscopy to study kidney disease
Harry Goldblatt and the kidney
Walter Kempner (1903–1997) and his rice diet
Sympathectomy for hypertension
Renal reminiscences SPR ’24
The eponymous tumors of the kidney: Wilms and Grawitz SPR ’24

Howard Fischer
Dr. Jochem Hoyer’s singular act of altruism

Mostafa Elbaba
History of ectopic kidney SPR ’24

Jose Grünberg, Christina Verocay, Anabella Rébori, and Carmen Amaral
PDF Document The Promotion of Patient Resilience in a Pediatric Dialysis Unit: A Case Report

Todd S. Ing
Oliver Murray Wrong: A Giant in Nephrology

Shanda McCutcheon
Scarred for life

Giulio Nicita
When it rains, it pours

Earl Smith
Irvine H. Page M.D. 1901–1991

Jayant Radhakrishnan
Unlikely pioneers in renal transplantation: The Little Company of Mary Sisters

Nicolas Roberto Robles
Sir George Pickering and the low salt diet

Hansjörg Rothe
How to acquire something external – Immanuel Kant on kidney-paired donation

Mårten Segelmark
Nils Alwall – one of the founding fathers of nephrology

Michael D. Shulman
A fatal and mysterious illness

Alexandru Gh. Sonoc
The village uroscopist

Eric Will
Frank Parsons—A hemodialysis pioneer

Death from uremia
Jean-Baptiste de Sénac
High blood pressure and the kidney: the forgotten contribution of William Senhouse Kirkes
The true discoverer of essential hypertension
History of nephrology vignettes
Saul Bellow visits a dialysis unit
The discovery of urea and the end of vitalism
(Mostafa Elbaba) SPR ’24