Nephrology and Hypertension

Rabie E. Abdel-Halim

Lithotripsy: a historical review

Andrew Bomback

Nephrology in 10 Steps

Joseph deBettencourt

Korotkov’s Sound new

George Dunea

History of nephrology: beginnings

History of nephrology: the middle period

History of nephrology: modern era

Domenico Cotugno (1736-1822)

Richard Bright, the father of nephrology

Dr. Willem J. Kolff: a great man
Pierre Rayer (1793- 1867) – first to use microscopy to study kidney disease

Jose Grünberg, Christina Verocay, Anabella Rébori, and Carmen Amaral

PDF Document The Promotion of Patient Resilience in a Pediatric Dialysis Unit: A Case Report

Todd S. Ing, 

Oliver Murray Wrong: A Giant in Nephrology

Shanda McCutcheon

Scarred for life new

Hansjörg Rothe

How to acquire something external – Immanuel Kant on kidney-paired donation

Mårten Segelmark

Nils Alwall – one of the founding fathers of nephrology new

Michael D. Shulman
        A fatal and mysterious illness
Alexandru Gh. Sonoc

The village uroscopist


Death from uremia
Robert Kark
Jean-Baptiste de Sénac new
High blood pressure and the kidney: the forgotten contribution of William Senhouse Kirkes new
The true discoverer of essential hypertension new
History of nephrology vignettes new
Sir William Gull, polymath and pioneer physician new