Music Box

Wilfred Niels Arnold

Chopin’s heart

Jennifer Bingham

The lost art and the hidden treasure

Willem Blois

Medicine, musically

Steven Cheng

The pianist

Cillin Condon
        Song as a unit for physical activity: A-minor proposal

Lea Dacy and Moses Rodriguez

The interrupted concerto: Jacqueline du Pré and MS

George Dunea

Madness at the Opera

Schubert, Schumann, and the Spirochete
Alexander Borodin, the polymath who composed Prince Igor (1833-1887) 
Sergei Rachmaninov, the pianist with very big hands
Maurice Ravel’s neurologic disease
Nicolo Paganini – a case of mercury poisoning?
Gioachino Rossini of The Barber of Seville (1792-1868)
Shostakovich and his mysterious neurologic disease
Smetana, his music, his illness

Daisy Fancourt

Medicine musica: the eighteenth-century rationalization of music and medicine

James L. Franklin

Surgery, note by note: Marin Marais’ Tableau de l’Opération de la Taille

The sound of one hand clapping: meditations on sinistrality

The castrati: a physician’s perspective, part 2

The castrati: a physician’s perspective, part 1

Mozart, Mesmer and medicine
The smell of burning rubber: the fatal illness of George Gershwin
Robert Schumann’s hand injury

Vladimir Hachinski

Undreamt dreams can happen

Anne Jacobson

“Moonlight” and silence

Rayda Aaishah Joomun

Music and the brain

Inga Lewenhaupt, Einar Perman 

The two nightingales

Vincent P. de Luise

Euterpe Deconstructed: Reflections on the health, illness, and legacy of Wolfgang Mozart

A musical vision: the eyes of Bach and Handel

Mozart “Effect” on us: A review of an aspect of music and cognition
In Consultation:  Rachmaninoff, his physician, and the genesis of a masterpiece

Visualizing Mozart

Salvatore Mangione

Mahler at 100: a medical history

Stephen Martin

The symbolic portrait of Mozart’s patron Dr. Ferdinand Dejean

Tatiana Novikova

Death lullabies in Russian culture

Julia Price

Alexander Scriabin: incarnations of mysticism and philosophies

Harishnath Ramachandra

Was the Mozart Effect evident before the birth of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart?

Mark Tan


Lazaros Triarhou

Tango impressions with medical overtones

Judith Wagner

“Breath of life you’ll be to me” – the portrayal of tuberculosis in the opera ‘La Traviata’

Michael Yafi

Shostakovich, shrapnel, and chronic poliomyelitis


Four Women Dancing
Mahler’s endocarditis and broken heart