Alexandra Adams

The missing chapter in our curriculum, Winter 2017

Ann Redpath

That reminds me of a story: the language of narrative in medicine, Spring 2014

Annie Yeh

Humanism in medicine, Spring 2013

Anthony Papagiannis

A classic case of vanity, Summer 2013

Eliot’s triad: information, knowledge, and wisdom in medicine, Spring 2014

To Sir, with gratitude, Summer 2016

Anuradha Joshi

Making medical education interesting and exciting, Summer 2013

Boris D. Veysman

Teaching death, Spring 2011

Daniel V. Schidlow and Florence Gelo

Verdi and Velázquez: perceptive sensitization in clinical medical education, Fall 2015

David Jeffrey

Empathy for medical students, Spring 2017

David Todd

Medicine, a noble profession, Summer 2016

Filip Šimunović

The first experiment, Fall 2009

Florence Gelo and Rosemary Harris

When you cannot decide witch doctor to consult, Winter 2012

George Dunea

PDF Document A plea for a continuing liberal education in medicine, Fall 1966

The membership examination—then, Summer 2013

Everyone is too busy, Summer 2013

Bed-side library for medical students, Winter 2012

Intercepted letters: the Wandervogel syndrome, Winter 2012

Socrates on clinical excellence, Spring 2009

Reading should be a pleasure, not a burden, Winter 2012

Problems with medical records, Summer 2015

Graham T. McMahon & Ruri Ashida

The checklist mentality, Spring 2014

Gregory M Marcus

In defense of good pimping: the Socratic method, Summer 2013

Hedy S. Wald, Sheldon Rubenfeld, Joseph J. Fins

The Holocaust as end stage disease: medical education as a moral imperative, Spring 2016

John Graham-Pole

The company of butchers, Spring 2012

Julia Dahlkamp

Incurably curious: mystery and drama in clinical case reports, Spring 2014

Katie Taylor

Medicine’s old-school technology, Spring 2017

Katrin Platzer

The changing role of the patient in medical practice, Summer 2014

Kevin R. Fontaine

On Longcope Rounds, Summer 2016

L. Lewis Wall

On becoming a good physician, Winter 2012

Liverpool Educational

Liverpool before the Beatles, Fall 2016

Baker-bates-isms, Fall 2016

The approach to the patient, Fall 2016

Clinical teaching, Fall 2016

The clinical apprentice, Fall 2016

M. Saleem Seyal

Abraham Flexner: his life and legacy, Summer 2013

Martin Conwill

The benefit of literature to a medical student, Summer 2013

Martin Duke, MD

A Teacher Remembered, Summer 2016

Mary V. Seeman

Dress makes the doctor, Fall 2016

Matko Marusic

Studying medicine, Fall 2009

Learning medicine by writing letters, Summer 2014

Michael Ellman

Mrs. Collins and the Body Snatchers, Fall 2015

Michael Vassallo

Compassion and the art of medicine, Spring 2016

Michelle Muscat

Wilson’s disease on television, Winter 2016

Michelle Ponder

The Imposters, Spring 2016

Norm Lieska

A window on iatrogenesis, Summer 2009

Pamela Brett-MacLean, Michelle Casavant, Shirley Serviss, & Alyssa Cruz

Shadowing Artists on the Wards: an undergraduate, arts-based medical elective, Winter 2012

Ravi Shankar

The humanities in a traditional medical school, Fall 2015

The influence of the internet on medical student learning: A personal perspective, Winter 2016

Rebecca MacDonell-Yilmaz

The language of medicine, Summer 2016

Robert Folberg

Saying thank you, Fall 2016

Rose Glennerster

Comics as a means of observation and reflection, Winter 2015

Rubina Naqvi

Connecting literature with medicine, Spring 2014

Saleh Aldasouqi

Interviewing, Gibran, calligraphy, Fall 2016

Samer Muallem

Ex memoriam: a eulogy for a med school factoid, Summer 2016

Sara Ali

Medical education in medieval Islam, Summer 2013

Tabitha Sparks

Literature in medical school: why, how, and if, Spring 2014

Thomas J. Papadimos

Observing the human condition: letters and case reports, Winter 2013

Trevor Klee
        Suicide in medical school, Winter 2017

William Penson

Using book clubs in higher education, Fall 2011

Yasmine Koukaz

When empathy strikes and the curtain falls, Spring 2016