Vignettes at Large

Peter Arnold 

No complaints, only symptoms 
Why do physicians write so badly? 
A circle of hip surgery around four continents new

Howard Fischer

The sweet smell of success new
The curative value of pork new
A Martian treatment for dehydration new

Yessenia Gutiérrez

My health care crisis new

Charles Halsted

The novice 
Heart failure 
Munchausen by Proxy 
Our celiac boarder 
The last iron lungs

Ihar Kazak 

Art or science, doctor or shaman? new

Emma Manuel, Eshwar Rajesh

Lucid interval

Jack E. Riggs and Donald R. Newcomer

“An ounce of prevention”: past and present new

Barry Meisenberg

The sleep of doctors new

Paul Rousseau

Rural home visit 1973 new

Medicine and Healthcare then and now

Bitter Medicines

Paul Emile Destouches: can love triumph over disease

Dentistry by candlelight

Home therapy

Physicians disputing while patients suffers

Pulse and urine

The monkey as barber

The waiting room

Travelling healer pulls a tooth

Twelth century manuscript

Waiting for the doctor
Florence Nightingale at Scutari
Hippocrates by the bedside
Mandarin doctor examines the patient’s pulse
Crawford W. Long, first use of ether anesthesia 

Hacks and quacks

Areas of the brain


James Morrison’s vegetable cure

Medical pseudoscience

Painted pony

Practical hydrotherapy

Spectacle seller

The anatomist

Tuttle’s Family elixir

Using a steam machine with pulley to extract a tooth
The consultation or last hope, by Thomas Rowlandson (1808)
The two doctors
The old ice box
Modern day obstinacy: the persistence of pangalintaw new