Hektoen International

A Journal of Medical Humanities

Vignettes at Large

Remi Alli
Medical marijuana, caregivers, and jail time

Peter Arnold
No complaints, only symptoms 
Why do physicians write so badly?
A circle of hip surgery around four continents

Terri Kirby Erickson

Howard Fischer
The sweet smell of success 
The curative value of pork
A Martian treatment for dehydration
Tashima syndrome
Isaac Bashevis Singer describes koro
“Phossy jaw”: an industrial horror story
Chinese footbinding: A millennium of mutilation
Drapetomania: A “disease” that never was
Paruresis: “Shy bladder” syndrome
Doctors’ husbands
Of lice and men
On orchids and testes
Fixed schedules and no kissing: Child rearing according to Drs. Holt and Watson
Jaws and galeophobia
Haff disease: We don’t know all of it
The tapeworm diet: Myth, mostly
The ordeal of Mary Ann Bevan
The bicycle and the gene pool
Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld and the Berlin Institute for Sexual Science, 1919–1933
What can the candiru (Vandellia cirrhosa) do?
Look what they’ve done to my brain: Einstein’s last wish ignored
Pharaoh’s proctologist: The Shepherd of the Rectum
Whale tales: Old and new
The Manneken Pis: Still peeing after all these years
Honeymoon rhinitis: My love is like a red, red nose WIN ’24
Dr. Maria Nowak-Vogl and the Innsbruck Child Observation Station WIN ’24
Codpiece evolution: From function to fantasy new
Dying young: Bob Marley (1945–1981) new

Gail Ghai
An avalanche of white tissues

Yessenia Gutiérrez
My health care crisis

Charles Halsted
The novice 
Heart failure
Munchausen by Proxy
Our celiac boarder 
The last iron lungs

Lauren E. Hill and Jack E. Riggs
Discrimination: From Blues to Amazing Grace to sleeves
Louis Braille: wondrous gift, punishing recipe

Ihar Kazak
Art or science, doctor or shaman?

Emma Manuel and Eshwar Rajesh
Lucid interval

Barry Meisenberg
The sleep of doctors

Avi Ohry
A tale of two cities

Anthony Papagiannis

Jack E. Riggs and Matthew S. Smith
J. Marion Sims and the reputation-character distinction

Paul Rousseau
Rural home visit 1973 
Two words in the patient portal
It could be bad

Edward Tabor
Medical misinformation and “The Bellman’s Fallacy” in the Internet Era

Hugh Tunstall-Pedoe
“Brace, brace, brace!”—“Are we all going to die?”
Last rites x2

Medicine and healthcare, then and now
Bitter Medicines
Paul Emile Destouches: Can love triumph over disease
Dentistry by candlelight
Home therapy
Physicians disputing while patients suffers
Pulse and urine
The monkey as barber
The waiting room
Travelling healer pulls a tooth
Medieval medical practice
Waiting for the doctor
Hippocrates by the bedside
Mandarin doctor examines the patient’s pulse
Crawford W. Long, first use of ether anesthesia
PDF Document Removing tapeworms
Addiction a century ago

Hacks and quacks
Areas of the brain
James Morrison’s vegetable cure
Medical pseudoscience
Painted pony
Practical hydrotherapy
Spectacle seller
The anatomist
Tuttle’s Family Elixir
Using a steam machine with pulley to extract a tooth
The consultation or last hope, by Thomas Rowlandson (1808)
The two doctors
The old ice box
Modern day obstinacy: The persistence of pangalintaw (Halima Abdulmaguid)