Hektoen International

A Journal of Medical Humanities


Shannon Adams-Hartung
Soul power

Lee Andrews
Drunk in love: bodies and consumption in Samson and Delilah

Isabel Azevedo
Life at the table
Fasting: for body and spirit

Sarah Bahr
A culpable culture: underlying factors in obesity among Hispanic women

Janelle Baker
The fern that makes you fat: access to traditional foods in the Canadian oil sands

Sayantu Basu
Food colors: a history of food in art and literature

Merve Berber
The story of chocolate

Ana Paula Bottle León
The modern drought

Rachel Conrad Bracken
“It’s vinegar saved her”: folk medicine, food, and the flu in A Time of Angels

Agata Izabela Brewer

Margit Burmeister
Our recipes reflect our genetic makeup

Anna Byrd
Shadow self

Samuele Cannas
Unlocking the secrets of longevity: the potential of Cannonau

Kelly Chen
Medicinal and historical value of Chinese food therapy

Danielle Dalechek
The pains and pleasures of spicy food

Lynn Dattler
Eating and drinking during the Renaissance

Vincent P. de Luise
Does an apple a day keep the doctor away?

George Dunea
Egg rhapsody
Garlic in medicine and at dinner
Beans: An indelicate subject of conversation
Asparagus in history and medicine
Spinach: The great myth
The tomato in medicine and the Bloody Mary
Eating cheese as medicine
The history of apples is the history of mankind
Pica: Eating starch and clay
Poison at the dinner table
Vegetarians, vegans, and compassionate eating
Milk in medicine

Cabbage, kraut, and sauerkraut
Eating chicken
Escargot—Fine dining
Restaurants high and low WIN ’24
Liver, lime, and vitamins new
Onions: Soup, medicine, and crocodile tears new

Wilson F. Engel, III
The feast of health: The Christian legacy of Hygeia
Two feasts of celebration: Hieronymous Bosch’s The Garden of Earthly Delights and Judy Chicago’s The Dinner Party

Howard Fischer
The Grand Army and horsemeat
Saving the starving Soviets with Spam WIN ’24
Dr. Davis discovers desirable dietary decisions WIN ’24

James L. Franklin
Entomophagy: History, global food shortage, and climate change

F. Gonzalez-Crussi
Fire eaters
Gluttony: Rise, fall, and resurgence of a capital sin

Katrina Genuis
Food of the body

Kerthi Gondy
Food as medicine

Wendy J. Gu
Rice and reason

Cristina Hanganu-Bresch
Clean eating and orthorexia as technologies of the self

Remco Havermans
Eating with my daughter and her cancer

Josie Hulme
In the beginning: the Bible’s solution to obesity  

John David Ike and Ruth M. Parker
Hospital as host: a lesson from the Renaissance

Putzer J. Hung
Pellagra: a medical whodunit

Sylvia Karasu
The madness of hunger

Sarah Kearns
Half-digested clues

Meera Ladwa
“Our daily bread” – the scourge of pellagra

Catherine Lanser
Familial food

Joy Liu
“I was hungry, and you gave me something to eat”: the complicated history of American food aid

Kevin R. Loughlin
The Irish famine: catastrophe, diaspora, and redemption
The arrival of the black horse

Alexandra Mignucci
The anorexia of aging

Oliver William Morris
Are we gorging on autonomy?

Jennifer Musgrave
The tuber that changed the world: a brief history of the potato

Jessica A. Ness
Not just a fad diet

Sylvia A. Pamboukian
Delicious death in Agatha Christie

JMS Pearce
Dr. William Hall and rickets new

Sue Reeves
The art of playing with food

Elizabeth Ruda
“Panama disease”: A pandemic…for bananas

Alice Ryrie
The health food crusade and the super-food saint: exploring the discourse of healthy eating

Shehryar R. Sheikh
Hearkening back to Hippocrates: rediscovering “food as medicine” in the age of quinoa and kale

Carol Sherman
Mustard: History of the yellow seed
The ancient history of beer

Michael Shulman
Starvation as metaphor

Catherine Grace Tang
Milk adulteration new

Mariel Tishma
A bad taste in the mouth: over fifty years of doubt about MSG

Carley Trentman
Nutritional disruption in the Marshall Islands

John Turner
The tempestuous reign of King Sugar: superfood to health hazard

Princewill Udom
Fufu and the body

Mildred Wilson
Lord Byron and his strange relationship with food

Kelley Yuan
The elimination game

Margad Zorigt
Beyond eating yogurt

Marmite versus Vegemite (James Franklin and George Dunea)
Further observations on the centenary of Vegemite
(Morris Odell)
Caviar: The black gold of the Black Sea (George Dunea) new
Pigs as food and victims (George Dunea) new
Fugu—Japanese delicacy or death? (George Dunea) new