Hussain A. AL-SARDAR

Medicine in ancient Nineveh

Burton R. Andersen

Comparison of ancient Mesopotamian and Hippocratic medicine

George Dunea

Many physicians have slain a king

The death of Alexander the Great

Death in ancient times

Patrick Guinan

Virgil and the Aeneid

Zeynel Karcioglu

Anastasius the “odd-eyes”

Andrés D. Pelavski

Our attitudes towards disease, a Ciceronian legacy

Andrew Miller

The medical university of Jundi-Shapur

Carlos G. Musso

PDF DocumentFinding the Present in the Past: Ancient Mexican Medicine

PDF DocumentImhotep: The Dean among the Ancient Egyptian Physicians – An example of a complete physician

PDF DocumentMegas Alexandros (Alexander The Great)

Steph Magowan

Alcmaeon of Croton, philosopher physician


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