A – J

Steve Ablon

The African Savannah

Sarah Alam 


L. N. Allen

Beech Leaves

Eden Almasude



Medical limericks

Jacob M. Appel

New Year’s Eve, Old Presbyterian Hospital

Death notices
Tending Babe Ruth’s grave

Hope Atlas

Me, my father, and the angels

Glen P. Aylward

The Therapist

James O. Ballard

December Fall

Linda A. Mason Barber

The Chair

Lisa Baron


Susan M. Beck

On the banks of the ganges

Daniel Becker

Advance Directives

Catherine Belling

At 38 Weeks, Wondering

Eleonore Blaurock-Busch

Memory – Grandpa Louis

Jeanne Bryner

Apple Tree – Baby Poems

Photo Journalist – The Garden in Winter – The Violets

Morning note

Prayer for my Village – When a Friend Asks Me What It’s Like to See Someone Die
Blessed is the heart

J. Trig Brown

A city of two tales
To see or not to see

W. D. Bumsted-Hind

The Pump

Roxana Cazan

Thinking of my dying grandmother at the Natural History Museum

Wesley Chou

What it’s about

Francis Christian

Reporting a pandemic

Anne Clemente

What Matters

Elizabeth Lovett Colledge

I Held My Father’s Hand – Farewell to an Ex-lover

Jack Coulehan

Prayer to St. Roch, patron of plague sufferers

Victoria Crawford

I sing the battery electric

Steve Cushman

My Break – Work and Family – In OR 5

Upreet Dhaliwal

Four-leaf clover

Martin Duke

I Am the Very Model of an Up-to-Date Physician

Ashten R. Duncan

Ignes Fatui of the neurotic mind

Ron Domen


Plaintive Music

Shridhar Dwivedi

Predicting heart attack

Shira B. Ellenberg


Terri Kirby Erickson

After the Funeral

Breast Cancer Suite

Inge Faust


Robert Ferrari

Views from the Asylum

Stephen Finn

Medical and literary coupling

Lisa Friedman

The First Cut

Helen Montague Foster

Reverse birth

The veteran’s hospital

Mac Greene

I tried to write a dementia poem

Ralph Green

Sweet Success

Sophia Valesca Görgens

Taking a History in the ICU: Social: Does your husband still smoke?

Khyati Gupta

Happy hypoxia

Jim Gustafson

Psychosocial – Hospice House

Charles Halsted

Letter to Pa

Jecoda Harris and David G. Thoele

Struggles, gratitude, and love

Jessica A. Harder

The Homemaker

Ateret Haselkorn

Normal head shape and size

Sister Eileen Haugh

In my ending …

Diana Heiman

Mother’s Day is Different this Year

Anne Herbert

Scarred Topography

Prasad Iyer

Hope quarantined

Zachary G. Jacobs 

Finding peace

Jan A. Jahner

A Burglar in the Body – Too Heavy

Bold Flavor – Full Pockets

Tom Janisse

How to live like this

Sergei Jargin

A poem about plagiarism

Adrienne M. Jenness

Alternate Reality – The Magic Age

Dileep Jhaveri

“Once this Mist Clears” and other poems

Michelle Joy

Ripping Point

K – P


Anna Kander

To my friend with diabetes, on losing her foot

Lydia Kang

In the NICU – The Tumor

Gordon L. Kauffman, Jr.


Shawn Khosla

My First Medical Rotation

Mark King

Hunger – Thin

Michelle Kittleson

A mother and a doctor
What she sees

Hilton Koppe

Ode to my stethoscope

Govind Krishnan

Pink and yellow

Evgeniya Larionova


Jorge A. Lazareff


Lois Leveen

Upon viewing Félix Vallotton’s La Malade

Kevin R. Loughlin

The Blade


Leaving you behind

Eliette Markhbein

A Journal of Rehabilitation

Debbie McCullis

Poetry in medicine

Ted McMahon

On the Day of Her Death

Andrew J. McLean

His Royal Highness, The Intoxicated Non-Seat Belter

Stephen Mead


Barry Meisenberg

To my colleagues in Ukraine whom I saw on TV

Edgar Miller


Ariya Mobaraki

Best friends for never

Amber Moore
       Christian cutting at Vancouver General
Daniel Moran

In the Spider’s Web – Landscapes – Intelligent Design

Life savings


We mortals

Viola Moriarty

Dancing with Dex

Wynne Morrison

Blood of my blood

Mark Mosley

Battle of six feet

Stacy Nigliazzo

Birth – Groundswell – Greensleeves – Proud Flesh

Slavena Salve Nissan


New York Lungs

Tulsi Patel

Metastatic sarcoma

J.M.S. Pearce

Retired Hurt

Simon Perchik

Poetry Series

Five Untitled Poems

Eric Pfeiffer

Immigrants, All

Huy Phan

A Simple Cure

Donna Pucciani

Seasons – Random

R – Z


Shirali Raine

The blue pain

The Tyranny of Optimism – A Hectic in My Blood

Alice Ranjan

O Child! My Child!

James Rickert

Night upon the Moaning Ward

Paul Rousseau

Dawn of Mourning
Flesh on flesh
The grieving one: on the death of a spouse

D. Roach, M. Milson, Kyle M., and J. Neal

Finding a Voice: poetry and images

Michael Salcman

Some subjects are given

Bonnie Salomon

My son getting an MRI
On the death of a hospital volunteer

Hemal N. Sampat


Susan Sample

Bone headdress

Judy Schaefer

Broken heart

Arya Shah

Defining dead

Johanna Shapiro


Shalamar Sibley

Sitting here

Richard D. Sontheimer

Unbent, Unbroken

Joannie Stangeland

A Web of Days – This is a Test – Not Again

Shirley Stephenson

After inspection – Inheritance – Summation

Nivetha Subramanian

Death in the time of corona

Shaista Tayabali

Continuation Day

David G. Thoele

No Good Options

Asha Tyagi


John A. Vanek


Another Found Poem – Anatomy of Love

Always, Autumn Leaves

Guillain–Barré – Vanishing Twin

Lawren VandeVrede


Glenn Webb


Myron Weiner

Age and Aging
Welcome aboard

Laura Wendorff


Ken Williams


White coats

Sophia Wilson

Para site
La Couronne

Jolene Won


A. J. Wright

In the Waiting Room – Rebecca’s Doll

Theresa Wyatt

Sedated – Dear Doctor

Michael Wynn

Events of the Day – The Date I Will Never Have

Cheryl L. Kaplan Zachariah

Heavy. Period. – We Breathe Together

Ellen Zhang

Parental grief


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