Hektoen International

A Journal of Medical Humanities


Daniel Moran
Webster, New Hampshire, United States


I love the world.
When it does not

When people
do not knock
at my door.
I want to know
what is happening.
Out there
between commercials.

I want to worship.
But I find
nothing sacred.
So I am contented
with bottomless thinking.
About the
blossom of daylight,
And the complexion
of the darkness.

I roll it around,
forcing it into
the deep corners
of my skull.


Here and there,
I feel inspired
to sing, and then I
retreat again to silence.

Come find me.
But don’t stay long.

There are things
I need to get back
to not doing.
There are passages
and the past
to contemplate.

Dedicating myself to
those places where
I can feel free,
To be lost, chanting
at the stillness.






DANIEL THOMAS MORAN, born in New York City in 1957, is the author of ten collections of poetry. His eleventh collection, “In the Kingdom of Autumn”, will be published by Salmon Poetry in Ireland in 2019. In 2005, he was appointed Poet Laureate by The Legislature of Suffolk County, New York. His collected papers are being archived by The Department of Special Collections at Stony Brook University. He is a retired Clinical Assistant Professor at Boston University’s School of Dental Medicine, where he delivered the Commencement Address in 2011. He is Arts Editor for The Humanist magazine in Washington, DC. He and his wife Karen live in Webster, New Hampshire.


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