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Eden Almasude

Scotch, Spring 2018 new 
Pathology, Spring 2018 new

Jacob M. Appel

Death notices, Spring 2018 new
Tending Babe Ruth’s grave, Spring 2018 new

Lisa Baron

Uncluttered, Spring 2018 new

W. D. Bumsted-Hind

The Pump, Winter 2016

Victoria Crawford

I sing the battery electric, Summer 2017

Inge Faust

OH DOCTOR!, Spring 2016

Ralph Green

Sweet Success, Summer 2016

Charles Halsted

Redemption, Fall 2016
Letter to Pa, Spring 2017

Zachary G. Jacobs 

Finding peace, Spring 2018 new

Tom Janisse

How to live like this, Fall 2016

Sergei Jargin

A poem about plagiarism, Fall 2016

Anna Kander

To my friend with diabetes, on losing her foot, Fall 2017

Evgeniya Larionova

Hope new

Lois Leveen

Upon viewing Félix Vallotton’s La Malade, Spring 2018 new

Kevin R. Loughlin

The Blade, Winter 2015

Debbie McCullis

Poetry in medicine, Spring 2017

Andrew J. McLean

His Royal Highness, The Intoxicated Non-Seat Belter, Winter 2016

Stephen Mead

Strokes, Spring 2017

Edgar Miller

Consultation, Spring 2018 new

Slavena Salve Nissan

New York Lungs, Spring 2017

Simon Perchik

Poetry Series, Spring 2017

Huy Phan

A Simple Cure, Summer 2016

Shirali Raine

The blue pain, Spring 2017

Bonnie Salomon

My son getting an MRI, Fall 2016

Hemal N. Sampat

Fratricide, Winter 2016

Arya Shah

Defining dead, Summer 2017

Asha Tyagi

Unspoken, Fall 2015

Myron Weiner

Age and Aging, Summer 2016
Welcome aboard, Fall 2017

Ken Williams

Reluctance, Summer 2017

White coats, Summer 2017



Poetry Archives
2017-2015 | 2014-2012 | 2011-2009