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Sarah Alam 
New Delhi, India


Illustration of Winnie the Pooh quote expressing grief
Illustration by Sarah Alam

Today I feel just emptiness
I am numb more or less,
I can’t believe you are gone forever,
Will this agony end ever?
Your face shines before my eyes,
I couldn’t even say goodbye,
I never knew those words would be last,
Each memory I want to grasp,
There are so many questions,
Beyond my comprehension,
It’s said it is darkest before dawn,
Can you ever forget those gone?
Just want to turn back the time,
Is this all fate’s cruel design?
I wish it was all just a nightmare,
And I would wake up to a world with no care,
Today I feel just emptiness,
I am numb more or less.




SARAH ALAM, MBBS, MD, DM, is an endocrinologist living in New Delhi, India. She has 8 gold medals in MBBS received for academic excellence and has published 20 articles in reputed journals. She recieved her Doctorate of Medicine (Endocrinology) from the AIIMS, New Delhi, India. She is passionate about raising awareness regarding diabetes mellitus and young-onset hypertension including primary aldosteronism. She is a mother of an energetic three-year old and is trying to walk the tightrope of work-life balance. Tweets can be read at @DrSarahAlam.


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