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Hope quarantined

Prasad Iyer


Poet’s statement: This fictional poem expresses the feelings of a migrant separated from his family during the COVID pandemic.


Searching for hope
Photo by Logan Fisher on Unsplash   


Quarantine forceth divorced souls 

Distanced families and broken wholes 

Shards of thoughts, impaling my core 

Locked down borders’ hearts a sore 

Shallow slumber, uneasy sense 

Worries, anxieties common hence. 


Weeks and months in the twilight zone 

Together in felicity so long agone 

Digging deeper for hope every morn 

Gloaming bringeth, glad tidings unborn. 


Breathless the state, lungs not to blame 

Endless the pandemic, the brain declaim 

Vaccine hope beacon bright 

Only solution for human plight? 


Hope with new energy we all should pray 

Huge costs earthlings we continue to pay 

New hope bestrew world so vital 

Quarantined life ain’t viable here viral. 




PRASAD IYER, MD, FRCPCH, is a pediatric hematologist-oncologist. He is an amateur poet who is taking his first steps in writing poems. He grew up in India and trained in pediatrics and oncology in the United Kingdom. He believes he is a child of the world and loves to spend time traveling with his family. He currently lives in Singapore. 



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