Birth, Pregnancy, & Obstetrics

C. Anthony Ryan et al

A letter from George Boole and Victorian attitudes towards pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding

Rachel Baker

Birth trays in the Italian Renaissance

Chinmoy K Bose

The el-Lahun gynecological papyrus

Sara Buck

Forceps: a brief history

Leaders in the development of Western obstetric practice

Nursan Cinar, Sumeyra Topal, and Sinem Yalnizoglu Caka

A history of breastfeeding and wet nurses new

Stephanie Colello

Cultural warfare: investigating childbirth practices in “Doctor  Zhivago”

Emily R. W. Davidson

Historical contraception: birth control before “the pill”

George Dunea

How Gargantua was born

Divine birth: Eve, fashioned from Adam’s rib

Divine birth: Athena, born from her father’s head

Divine birth: birth of John the Baptist

Divine birth: Pegasus, born from Medusa’s blood

Divine birth: Aphrodite born from the foam of the sea

Divine birth: The birth of Moses

Divine birth: The birth of Santa Claus

The colorful birth of Saint Augustine of Hippo

Birth of Bacchus

Birth of Mary

Birth of Adonis

George Dunea and Einar Perman

A royal pregnancy gone wrong

James Drife

Bob Edwards and the perils of publicity new

Lauren Fore

Emotional medicine

Katrina Genuis

The death of Francesca Tornabuoni: examining childbirth amidst societal rebirth

Frank Gonzalez-Crussi

On a miraculous birth

Gloria Graham


Kelsey Hart

A mother’s voice new

Ndembou C. Jean-Louis

Welcome another Earth-dweller new

Laura Kaplan

Changes in childbirth in the United States: 1750–1950

Kelly Klein

In the OR

Laura Loertscher

Enough new

Erika L. Lundgrin

Broken water

Matko Marusic

Gynecology and obstetrics

Corey Nason Reese

Mildred Thornton Stahlman, pioneer in neonatology

Sukanya Sam

When did you last let your heart decide?

C. John Scott

Alexander Gordon and puerperal fever

Mary Sommers

Miracle on Kedvale

When angels sing

Eva-Sabine Zehelein

“Sara, Bill, Kristine, … you’re pregnant!” Gestational surrogacy, biomedicalized bodies and reconceptualizations of motherhood


Why are most babies born at night?
Seventeenth century obstetric illustrations new