Alejandro Ortiz Bullé Goyri and Carlos Valverde-R

The anonymous Olmec artisan and Velázquez, Summer 2015

Francisco Goya’s “black period”, Summer 2016

Alexandru Gh. Sonoc

Paracelsus: physician and alchemist, Summer 2014

The trapped peasant, Summer 2014

The village’s physician, Summer 2016

Evidence of a skull trepanning, Summer 2014

The Summer, Winter 2014

Medical art from the Brukenthal Museum, Sibiu, Romania, Winter 2014

Portrait of a peasant, Winter 2014

Anna Lantz

Saint Apollonia, patron saint of odontology, Summer 2016

Arabella Proffer

Imaging in medicine: fine art to medical art, Winter 2015

Bojana Cokić

Reflections on medicine and art, Spring 2015

Obesity and art, Winter 2016

Down Syndrome through the centuries in art, Summer 2015

The Art of breastfeeding, Summer 2016

Caroline Wellbery

A painful but tender embrace: Robert Pope’s “Aesculapius”, Winter 2016

Christopher Walker

Painter, interrupted: Mary Cassatt and illness, Spring 2016

Dalis Seungeun Kim

Fear, Spring 2016

Emilio Mordini

Tithonus and Eos, Fall 2015

George Dunea

Van Orley – physician in Brussels, Spring 2013

Lavinia Fontana – Ambras syndrome, Winter 2013

Quentin Massys – The Ugly Duchess, Spring 2012

Cennino d’Andrea Cennini (ca. 1370–1437), Winter 2012

Frida Kahlo, Spring 2012

Piero di Cosimo, Spring 2012

The Death of Marat by Jacques-Louis David, Spring 2012

Fra Bartolommeo, Winter 2012

The Fountain of Youth, Winter 2012

Giulio Clovio: miniaturist and manuscript illuminator, Fall 2013

Lorenzo Lotto: portrait of a physician, Winter 2012

Saints Cosmas and Damian, patron saints of doctors, Winter 2012

Saint Roch, Fall 2012

Théodore Géricault: kleptomania, Summer 2013

Dr. Ralph Schomburg, a fashionable physician, Winter 2012

Saint Peter Martyr, Summer 2014

Lorenzo Lotto: portrait of a surgeon, Summer 2014

Caduceus versus the Staff of Asclepius, Winter 2015

Hospital at Arles – Van Gogh, 1889, Summer 2015

Saint Peter and Hansen’s disease?, Fall 2015

Mantegna’s coral aorta, Fall 2015

Paradise Lost – John Milton, Summer 2016

Giorgione and the plague, Summer 2016

JH McAuley

Migrainous scotomata in art, Fall 2015

Juliet Beckman Hubbell

Bread of life and death, Summer 2012

Natalia Angeles Vieyra

Illuminating addiction: morphinomania in fin-de-siècle visual culture, Summer 2015

Paul Rooprai

Anatomical heart illustration #1 and #2, Fall 2016

Pinky Tripathi

Taste buds, Winter 2015

Ravi Shankar

The doctor and the doll, Spring 2015

Rose Tasker

Bush medicine leaves, Spring 2015

Sally Metzler

Art and medicine in Renaissance Siena, Winter 2013

Distorting anatomy, Summer 2012

Doctors as angels and devils, Fall 2013

Saint Sebastian nursed by Saint Irene, Spring 2015

Saint kills parents, erects hospital, and shares bed with a leper, Summer 2015

Shepherd with a goiter, Winter 2016

Saint Cajetan (St Gaetano Thiene), Spring 2016

Dr. Pozzi at home: gynecologist, soldier, socialite, Fall 2015

Gertrude Abercrombie: surrealist predilection and pancreatic affliction, Summer 2016

Portraits of vision:  Sir Joshua Reynolds, Winter 2017

Seth Judson

Rodin’s “Large Left Hand 1903”, Spring 2015

Trang Ngoc Diem Vu

Francisco de Goya: a portrait of illness, Summer 2014

William Stringer

Dr. Arrieta and Francisco Goya, Summer 2014

Wilson F. Engel, III

The plague of ergotism and the grace of God, Fall 2015

Zeynel Karcioglu

Winslow Homer, the eye-surgeon, Summer 2015