Winners and Runners-Up of Hektoen Contests


2022 Glory of Lebanon Contest

Maryline Alhajj, Winner: The Great War and the other war

For second prize winners and more about the contest, see this article from the Lebanese American University



Stephen Marcus Finn, Winner: C. Louis Leipoldt: the polymath physician and literary giant

Richard de Grijs, Runner-Up:
“Plague of the Sea, and the Spoyle of Mariners”—A brief history of fermented cabbage as antiscorbutic


2020 Blood Writing Contest

Stephen Cosnar, Winner: Humanitarian for all: the life of Henry Dunant

Rachel Fleishman, Runner-Up: Painting an honest image



Carrie Barron, Winner: Character, genius, and a missing person in medicine

Liz Jones, Runner-Up: The promise of a perfect smile


Summer 2018 Contest

 Putzer J. Hung, Grand Prize Winner: Pellagra: a medical whodunit

Sylvia Karasu, Runner-Up: The madness of hunger

Katrina Genuis, Honorable Mention: Food of the body



Abigail Cline, Grand Prize Winner: Tales from the crypt:  the mosaic symbolism of Louis Pasteur’s tomb

Jack Coulehan, Runner-Up: The Education of Doctor Chekhov

Alida Rol, Runner-Up: “Mississippi Appendectomy” and other stories: when silence is complicity



Anika Khan,Winner: Locked-in syndrome: inside the cocoon

Adam Komrowski and Sang Ik Song, Winner – Brief:
The King’s -Evil and sensory experience in Richard Wiseman’s Severall Chirurgicall Treatises



Lisa Mullenneaux, Winner: Outwitting ‘Typhoid Mary’

Robert Robeson, Winner: “Dust Off” and the Power of Perseverance



Christopher Frank, Winner: You’re no fi’ Glasgow: memories of the Glasgow Royal Infirmary

Natalia Vieyra, Runner-Up: Illuminating addiction: morphinomania in fin-de-siècle visual culture



Salvatore Mangione, Winner: Leonardo and the reinvention of anatomy



Fergus Shanahan, Winner: “Waiting”

Daisy Fancourt, Runner-Up: Medicine musica