Antiquity & the Middle Ages

Hussain A. AL-SARDAR

Medicine in ancient Nineveh

Burton R. Andersen

Comparison of ancient Mesopotamian and Hippocratic medicine

George Dunea

Many physicians have slain a king

The death of Alexander the Great

Death in ancient times
Eumenes: even horses need to take regular exercise
Islamic medicine
Byzantine physicians
Aretaeus of Cappadocia, second only to Hippocrates
Aristotle and the four humors
Moses Maimonides—physician and philosopher

Patrick Guinan

Virgil and the Aeneid

Maureen Hirthler

Medicine in the afterlife – The Egyptian Book of the Dead

Zeynel Karcioglu

Anastasius the “odd-eyes”

Andrew Miller

The medical university of Jundi-Shapur

Carlos G. Musso

PDF DocumentFinding the Present in the Past: Ancient Mexican Medicine

PDF DocumentImhotep: The Dean among the Ancient Egyptian Physicians – An example of a complete physician

PDF DocumentMegas Alexandros (Alexander The Great)

Steph Magowan

Alcmaeon of Croton, philosopher physician

Jenna Nickas

Lessons learned from the Greeks: The physician-patient relationship in Hippocratic Gynecology

JMS Pearce

Medicine in Greek mythology

Andrés D. Pelavski

Our attitudes towards disease, a Ciceronian legacy

Mariami Shanshashvili

Where philosophy and medicine overlap

Mariel Tishma

From the goddess of healing to hair of the dog: the role of canines in health myth and fact