End of Life

Agnieszka A. Ardelt

PDF Document Raison d’être

Katherine Arnup

And a time to die

Kathleen Blanchfield

The spiritual dimension of facilitating advance directives planning: the congregational setting as a vital resource

Peter H. Berczeller

The morning ritual new

Rae Brown

The god that I know

Raeford E. Brown

The good death

Christopher H. Cameron


Morven Cook

Defining Death in Whose Life is it Anyway?

Vincent P. deLuise

The end of sight at the end of life

Ruth Deming

Since I could not stop death, he kindly stopped for me

Lynn Dion

Mr. Hemphill

Loretta S. Downs

A Christmas party

Turning points

Liam Farrell

Nostalgia ain’t what it used to be

Kristin Adams Forner


Maria Magdalena Geanovu

Cold autumn nights new

Florence Gelo & Rosemary Harris

God’s menu

Dean Gianakos

Dr. Gianakos, I think he’s awake now

Shimon M. Glick

A dying patient’s perspective on truth-telling

Adam O. Goldstein

Bill’s legacy

Frank Gonzalez-Crussi

Is there a good death?

X.M. Griffiths

Unfinished business: end of life care and regrets in the films of Akira Kurosawanew

Chang-Wuk Kang

The fallen leaf

Geoff Kronik

My father’s glasses

Therese Kwiatkowski

        Where is the dignity in death?
Victoria Lim

Why not let her go gently into that good night? new

Karen De Looze

Immortal death: before and after

Amber Mills, Anthea Gellie, & Michele Levinson

A changing view of death

Lenore M. Montanaro

Going boldly into the night: a reflection on “death with dignity”, Spring 2016

Leon Morgenstern

Ice cream or Mozart?

Elizabeth Neglia

Miriam’s stoicism

Joshua Niforatos & Gregory Rutecki

Rosencrantz, Guildenstern, and their doctor are dead new

Gregory O’Gara

The dying room

Naomi Rachel Oldham

Where am I when my digital footprint persists indefinitely? new 

Tolani F. Olonisakin

Death and dyingnew

Mary Osborne

My tragedy in retrospect

Mary Pan

Do (Not) Attempt

Anthony Papagiannis

Blind date

Three Visits

Death as it should be
A CV for posterity new

Constance E. Putnam

Anticipatory grieving

Last words

Columba Quigley

Lessons from the black hole

James B. Rickert

Rethinking the knowledge of terminal illness: Is it a quality of life issue?

Marianne Rogoff

Dance with deathnew 

Anne L. Rooney

Until I get my strength back new

Paul Rousseau


Gregory Rutecki

Is Daddy a good doctor?

Shelley Sanders


Maggie Schwarz

Father’s Day on the 12th floor

John Henning Schumann

A good death


Gaetan Sgro


P. Ravi Shankar

Sparing the living

Inge Marry Shikangala

The last talk new

Lauren B. Smith

The myth of the white coat

Carole A. Travis-Henikoff

Death, a part of life

Caroline Wellbery

Living well before we die