Hektoen International

A Journal of Medical Humanities

Volume 2, Issue 3

Fall 2010 


The pianist, Steve Cheng

Body heat: September 1944, Winona Winkler Wendth

Each day is magnified, Ronald Pies

Duke of Edingburgh’s Award, Christopher Cameron

Healing hidden wound, Jean Cozier

“Normal”-“Hang in There”-“The Monster” and other work, Monika Filipiak

The fisherman’s lasagna, Nancy Gershman

Self-inflicted, Laura Olear

Just like that, Kanani Titchen

The Gone-A-Gram, Joel L. Chinitz

Visualizing the human body through the ages, Philip K. Wilson

Historical reflections on cause, responsibility and blame in medicine, W.R. Albury

I don’t know how it happened, Rae Brown

When Children die, Susan Woldenberg Butler

The lesser of evils, Farrin A. Manian

Opening the body to peace, Amy D. Webb

Daffodils, Shira B. Ellenberg

Therapeutic beauty, Elizabeth Lee

The castrati: a physcian’s perspective, James L. Franklin

On being a spousal caregiver, William D. Black

Catching the edge, Larry Zaroff

A journal of rehabilitation, Eliette Markhbein

Another found poem – Anatomy of Love, John A. Vanek

Unbent, Unbroken, Richard D. Sontheimer

Conception, Ron Domen

The Tryanny of Optimism, James B. Rickert

A short story, Jonathan Lewis

End of season liquidation sale, Catalina Florina Florescu