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The rise and death of Chicago’s Michael Reese Hospital

Michael Reese Hospital – beginnings

Michael Reese Hospital – nurses, interns, and residents

Michael Reese Hospital – neighborhood and patients

Michael Reese Hospital – physicians

Michael Reese Hospital – pediatrics

Michael Reese Archive: comments from our readers

Peter H. Berczeller

Becoming a doctor in Chicago (c.1954)—The Chicago Medical School
Becoming a doctor in Chicago (c.1954)—Clerkship at Cook County Hospital
Becoming a doctor in Chicago (c.1954)—Clerkships at Michael Reese Hospital
Becoming a doctor in Chicago (c.1954)—The Chicago Maternity Center

Simon Cohen

Fifty years on an Englishman recalls Cook County Hospital

Raymond H. Curry and VeeLa S. Gonzales

Provident Hospital – the first Black owned and operated medical institution in the United States

Joseph deBettencourt

The founding of Rush Medical College

George Dunea

Robert Kark

The Old Cook County Hospital of Chicago

Loyal Davis (1896 – 1982)

Christian Fenger (1840-1902)

Karl A. Meyer (1888-1972)

Nicholas Senn, the great master of abdominal surgery

The Fantus clinic and the blood bank of Chicago

James Franklin

PDF Document Chicago medicine and peptic ulcer disease
GI Joe: the life and career of Dr. Joseph B. Kirsner

Patrick Guinan and George Dunea

JB Murphy: Chicago’s great but controversial surgeon

Philip R. Liebson

James Bryan Herrick

Jayant Radhakrishnan and Bangalore Jayaram

Orion H. Stuteville: a surgeon’s surgeon

Jayant Radhakrishnan and Nathaniel Koo

The appendicitis conundrum

John Raffensberger

Reflections on time long gone by

Beloved physicians: three unsung heroes

The surgery of pyloric stenosis in Chicago

Potts and Pott

Frank Yurasek

Mainstreaming acupuncture in Chicago