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The historical hospital of Santa Chiara in Pisa

Paola Lenzi Gianfranco Natale Pisa, Italy    The cloister of the Santa Chiara’s Hospital with the arcades.   In the background the leaning tower The historical Ospedale di Santa Chiara (Santa Chiara’s Hospital), located beside the beautiful Square of Miracles, traces its roots to A.D 325, when the Emperor Constantine issued a set of rules […]

The Bonifacio Hospital: reforming psychiatric hospital care

Panagiota Kitsantas Fairfax, Virginia, United States  The Bonifacio Hospital, Florence, Italy In 1369-1377 Bonifacio Lupi, mayor of Florence and Captain of the People, founded the Bonifacio Hospital (Ospedale di Bonifacio) dedicated to St. John the Baptist. In the sixteenth century, the hospital admitted patients suffering from syphilis, known as the “French disease,” spread by troops […]

Roosevelt Hospital

Noah DeLone New York, United States    Roosevelt Hospital, 1871 The stretch of land between West 58th and West 59th street in Manhattan, abutted by 9th avenue, is not just a hospital, but a philosophical and humanitarian inheritance set into motion by its founder, James Roosevelt. Much of the life of James Roosevelt has been […]

A lesson in horizontality: El Hospital San Vicente de Paúl in Medellin, Colombia

Moisés Enghelberg New York, United States    Fountain at the Hospital Universitario San Vicente de Paúl This is not the story about another hospital, rebuilt from rubble after an earthquake. It is not even a story about perseverance, as much as it is about putting the pieces back together. It is also a story about […]

Baghdad Medical City

Lynn Sadler Pittsboro, North Carolina, United States      Image of plaque owned by Armand Burgun and lent to Lynn Veach Sadler Can humans build and destroy simultaneously? Can they erect a gigantic, sprawling hospital complex as bombs drop, scud missiles home in, and anti-aircraft fire fills the air with flak? The Medical City of […]

The Albert Schweitzer Hospital in Lambaréné, Gabon

Judith Wagner Munich, Germany   Welcome to the jungle In a sultry day in equatorial Africa. The oppressive heat stifles all but the most necessary conversation between the few individuals perched on a wooden plank of the canoe floating along the vast  lazy stream. On the banks of the Ogooué, lush vegetation drifts past. The monkeys’ […]

The hospital on Profanity Hill

Josephine Ensign,  Seattle, United States    Harborview Hospital When Harborview Hospital in Seattle opened its doors to patients in 1931, advertising posters portrayed the striking fifteen-story Art Deco building as a shining beacon of light, the great cream-colored hope on the hill overlooking the small provincial town clinging to the shores of Puget Sound. “Above […]

The Klinikum Aachen

Joerg Albrecht Chicago, Illinois, United States     The Klinikum Aachen with helipad The Klinikum of the Rhenish-Westfalian Technical University in Aachen (Aix-la-Chapelle) evokes reactions in everyone who sees it. As seen from the nearby rolling pastures of the Dutch border, its towers abruptly obstruct  the countryside like a beached aircraft carrier. Even closer, viewed […]

The Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital of Soweto

Joerg Albrecht Chicago, Illinois, United States   An areal view of the  Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital of Soweto The Chris Hani-Baragwanath hospital lies at the border of the community it serves. Coming from Johannisburg, a four-lane highway leads directly to its gates—with its guards and their machine guns. From Soweto the patients stream into the […]

The history of Bethlem Hospital

Janice Tiao Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, United States   Bethlem Hospital Perhaps no hospital has made its mark on human imagination as much as Bethlem Hospital, located outside London. The first hospital in England to specialize in the care of the insane, Bethlem gave birth to the caricature of the lunatic asylum as a place filled with […]