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The General Hospital – all are welcome

Jan W.P.F. Kardaun Amsterdam, Netherlands   Hospice De Bicetre Credit: Wellcome Library, London (nr L0002974). Engraving by Letitia Byrne, 1829, after T. Nash after A. Pugin. Most people associate a hospital with medical care but would like to stay there as briefly as possible. In 1656, King Louis XIV of France created a General Hospital […]

Chonbuk National University Hospital

Esther Mgbemeje Jeonju, South Korea  Chonbuk National University Hospital Located in the capital of North Jeolla province,1 Chonbuk National University Hospital was built in 1909 by the South Korean government. It was established during the last days of the Joseon dynasty, and was the second medical clinic built in the Jeolla province when little medical […]

The unique journal of the USS Red Rover

Emily L. Moore Ames, Iowa, United States   The USS Red Rover was commissioned on December 26, 1862, by the Union as the first US Navy hospital ship. It had been built in 1859 as a commercial use wooden side-wheel river steamer and purchased in 1861 by the Confederate States of America. In 1862 it was […]

The Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

Elie Matar Sydney, Australia   Attempted Assassination of H.R.H. the Duke of Edinburgh at Clontarf, N.S.W. 1868, by Samuel Calvert (1828-1913). National Library of Australia. Used with Permission. When His Royal Highness Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh and second son of Queen Victoria, landed on the shores of Sydney on January 21, 1868, he was […]

The Meath Hospital, Dublin

Desmond O’Neill Dublin, Ireland Meath Hospital, Dublin Narratives of venerable teaching hospitals are usually upbeat and positive, delineating progress and advances made in the face of adversity and hardship. This is also the case for Meath Hospital, the most celebrated of the wave of voluntary hospitals founded in Dublin in the eighteenth century.1 Established in […]

The “Samariterhaus” Hospital and the “Institute for Experimental Cancer Research” in Heidelberg

Annette Tuffs Heidelberg, Germany   Dedicated to another great German Cancer Surgeon, J.R. Siewert, who has introduced me to the legacy of Vinzenz Czerny  “Samariterhaus” Hospital On the 25th of September 1906, a large crowd of Heidelberg citizens expectantly lined the town boulevard to the university’s Great Hall, waiting to cheer on the Grand Duke Friedrich of […]

Craiglockhart Hospital, head above the parapet

Annabelle S. Slingerland Leiden, the Netherlands    Craiglockhart War Hospital You are in World War I, back in its notorious trenches, hearing uninterrupted shooting, deafened from the shells, smelling cordite and dead bodies, fellow soldiers fall back on you, wounded or dead, grey with mud. War neurosis, nervous breakdown, neurasthenia or “shellshock” follows you like your […]

Hillman Hospital

A.J. Wright Birmingham, Alabama, United States   Hillman Hospital complex, ca. 1929. The original structure on the right was erected in 1902 and the annex, in the middle, was added in 1913. On the left is the 1928 addition, or “new” Hillman. Alabama’s first operating medical school, the proprietary Graefenberg Medical Institute in the small […]

Hybridity in Hong Kong: the Tung Wah Hospital

Angharad Fletcher Hong Kong, China   In his 1895 government report on the recent outbreak of bubonic plague, Dr Philip Bernard Chenery Ayres, last Colonial Surgeon of Hong Kong, berated the Tung Wah Hospital for its dangerous and insanitary conditions. Ayres listed the many “medical and surgical atrocities” he had witnessed within the walls of […]

The origin and evolution of Padua hospitals

Alberto Zanatta Fabio Zampieri Padua, Italy    The first picture (XVI century) of San Francesco Hospital with the characteristic colonnade of Padua architecture The hospital San Francesco Grande in Padua was founded by the Piombino jurist Baldo Bonafari (†1418) and his wife Sibilla de Cetto (†1421), who also financed the construction of the San Francesco […]