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Dr. Willem J. Kolff: a great man

George Dunea Chicago, IL In Memoriam Willem J. Kolff: A great man   Willem Kolff, often called the father of the artificial kidney,died in January 2009, 3 days before his 98th birthday. During his long life he received numerous honors and accolades for his work. Many people thought he should have received the Nobel Prize, but as he once […]

Gorgas Hospital, Ancon, Panama

W. Paul McKinney Louisville, Kentucky, United States    West-facing view of Administration and Clinics Building, Gorgas Hospital, Ancon, former Canal Zone, Panama A man, a plan, a canal: Panama. This well-known palindrome describes the grand vision of Count Ferdinand de Lesseps for constructing, under the flag of France, a sea level canal linking the Atlantic […]

St. Christopher’s Hospice

Thomas Egnew Washington, United States   St. Christopher’s Hospice The twentieth century produced an extraordinary evolution in modern medicine. Burgeoning research and the rigorous application of the biomedical model generated remarkable advances in the diagnosis and treatment of disease.1 Refinements in immunization decreased morbidity and mortality from common infectious diseases and the development of antibiotics […]

Reconstructing the world’s first hospital: The Basiliad

Thomas Heyne Boston, United States    St. Basil “A noble thing is philanthropy, and the support of the poor, and the assistance of human weakness…” So rang the emotional words of Bishop Gregory Nazianzen during the funeral oration delivered for his dear friend Basil of Caesarea in 379. Wishing to remind his audience of Basil’s […]

Trafford General Hospital: a conjuring of spatial significance

Sang Ik Song Limerick, Ireland    “Health Secretary Bevin with ‘First NHS Patient’ Sylvia Diggory in Trafford’s Park Hospital” On July 5, 1948, the then health secretary Aneurin Bevan officially launched the British National Health Service (NHS) at Trafford’s Park Hospital.1 The picture of Nye Bevan, suited and clean cut by the bedside of Sylvia […]

The Illinois Eye and Ear Infirmary

Samantha Williamson Chicago, Illinois, United States   Illinois Eye and Ear Infirmary The direct ophthalmoscope debuted in Germany in 1851, ushering in the modern era of ophthalmology. Seven years later, the introduction of the laryngoscope allowed direct visualization of the airway. In 1858, on the heel of these discoveries, Edward Holmes, a Massachusetts native who […]

Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau, 600 years of history

Rosa Monteserín Nadal Eap Sardenya, Barcelona, Spain    Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau The Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau in Barcelona is the oldest hospital in Spain. It was founded in 1401, after a pest plague and famine caused six medieval hospitals in Barcelona to merge and form the […]

Provident Hospital – the first Black owned and operated medical institution in the United States

Raymond H. Curry VeeLa Sengstacke Gonzales Chicago, Illinois, United States    Nurses tending to a patient at Provident Hospital Prior to 1891 there was not in this country a single hospital or training school for nurses owned and managed by colored people . . . there are now twelve! . . . and not a […]

Massachusetts General Hospital, 1992

Randall S. Stafford California, United States   A portion of Massachusetts General Hospital seen from across the Charles River with the brick Founders House (1917) in front of the glass Ellison Tower (1992), its top floors designated as the Phillips House. Photograph:  Nicholas Janberg, structurae.net, used by permission. To be summoned to pronounce the end […]

The Christian Medical College Hospital, Vellore

Preeti Shanbag Mumbai, India    The Christian Medical College The Christian Medical College Hospital was founded by Ida Sophia Scudder in 1900, in response to a calling. Daughter of a North American missionary couple working in India, she was born in Tindivanum in south India in 1870. Her earliest experiences of India were of the […]