Hektoen International

A Journal of Medical Humanities


Zara Aziz
Three doctor’s visits

Richard Bentley
Up north

David Blitzer
Business as usual

Susan Woldenberg Butler
Blind faith
Those eyes
When children die

Sam Campbell and Moh’D Ibrahim
How to save a life

Tim Chapman
Fish story

Melanie Cheng
Dear Doctor

Joel L. Chinitz
The Gone-A-Gram
There is a time

Henri Colt
The deer trail
In Aristotle’s footsteps

Eli Ehrenpreis
Amy Sage

Sarah deForest
The resident

Ruth Z. Deming
A fine notion
Better than booze
Washer of the dead
Letter to Johnny from Clara Barton

Christy D. Di Frances
Looking glass land

George Dunea
Jacarandas – a dream

Erin Duralde
One for science: nothing more, nothing less

Suzi Ehtesham-Zadeh
Ghabeleh Hamleh

Mike Ellman
A perfect day

Tammy Euliano
An unseen border

Liam Farrell
Heroes need medical care too

Nicholas Feinberg

Jonathan B. Ferrini
The flower lady

Catalina Florina Florescu
End of season liquidation sale
Four short literary incisions (Or how I began to write things that did not let me sleep)

Dean Gianakos
Five minutes to midnight
Lonely physician SPR ’24

John Graham-Pole
The company of butchers

Michael Loyd Gray

Emily Gregory-Roberts

Kenneth Joe
Joys of Motherhood

Benjamin Li
Into the Jungle

Stewart Massad
She was even in love with you

Brian D. Moseley

Frances Nadel
Momma’s rocking chair

Nam Nguyen

Faraze A. Niazi and Jack E. Riggs
Harriet Tubman, Joan of Arc, and Moses

Ifediba Nzube
A form of pain

Mary A. Osborne
The midwives of San Gimignano, 1336

Rob Ottesen
The emergency room doctor

Varun Raj Passi
The doctor behind the labcoat

Bryant Phan
The Secret War

Marsal Sanches
Butterfly Day

Trisha Sebastian
Ambroise Paré, father of modern surgery SPR ’24

Christopher J. Schayer

Hugh Silk
The flutter of an aching heart

Shampa Sinha
Percy’s last day

Rebecca Slotkin
Tuesday: social admit

Sarah Smith
Chemo Room

W. Roy Smythe
The peach tree

Steve Sobel
A song for me

Boma Somiari
Aunty Felicia

Richard Spicer
The cutting edge

Peter Sullivan
Our father who art on Earth, still

Olufolakayomi Christiana Thomas
The disease called poverty

Matthew Turner
It always comes down to medicine

David Valentine
There is an elephant in the room

A celebrated occasion (Eli Ehrenpreis)