Art Flashes & Vignettes

Bernard Brabin

Unlocking the secrets of a bohemian painting

Bojana Cokić

Reflections on medicine and art

Obesity and art

Down syndrome through the centuries in art

The art of breastfeeding

Child’s play and art
Habsburg dynasty and progenia

Vincent P. De Luise

Beauty actualized

George Dunea

Van Orley – physician in Brussels

Lavinia Fontana – Ambras syndrome

Quentin Massys – The Ugly Duchess

Cennino d’Andrea Cennini (ca. 1370–1437)

Frida Kahlo

Piero di Cosimo

The Death of Marat by Jacques-Louis David

Fra Bartolommeo

The Fountain of Youth

Giulio Clovio: miniaturist and manuscript illuminator

Lorenzo Lotto: portrait of a physician

Saints Cosmas and Damian, patron saints of doctors

Saint Roch

Théodore Géricault: kleptomania

Dr. Ralph Schomburg, a fashionable physician

Saint Peter Martyr

Lorenzo Lotto: portrait of a surgeon

Caduceus versus the Staff of Asclepius

Hospital at Arles – Van Gogh, 1889

Saint Peter and Hansen’s disease?

Mantegna’s coral aorta

Paradise Lost – John Milton

Giorgione and the plague

Jan Steen: quack doctors visit lovesick maidens

The tooth pullers

Gerrit Dou and his Netherlandish quacks
Lorenzo Costa: a painting for services rendered?
The Bride in Death
Apothecaries vs. physicians
The Agnew Clinic
Los Caprichos
Edvard Munch: sickness and death
A physician examining a patient’s urine
Andriaen Brouwer: surgery in the tavern
The Bitter Potion, by Adriaen Brouwer
The Plague of Ashdod, by Nicholas Poussin
The old women of Francisco Goya
Ford Madox Brown: his model and his medical grandfather
Lovis Corinth and the sick father
Erich Heckel: in a lunatic asylum
Farewell, dear pictures that I have loved so well
Auguste Renoir and his arthritis WIN ’23

George Dunea and James L. Franklin

The last illness of Édouard Manet

Wilson F. Engel, III

The plague of ergotism and the grace of God

Howard Fischer

Daumier’s doctors

Fernando Espí Forcén

A man with a psychotic disorder by Diego Velazquez

Juliet Beckman Hubbell

Bread of life and death

Seth Judson

The Terme Boxer’s trauma

Zeynel Karcioglu

Winslow Homer, the eye-surgeon

Anna Lantz

Saint Apollonia, patron saint of odontology

James Lindesay

The Girl with a Pearl Earring—a vanitas?

Sally Metzler

Art and medicine in Renaissance Siena

Distorting anatomy

Doctors as angels and devils

Saint Sebastian nursed by Saint Irene

Saint kills parents, erects hospital, and shares bed with a leper

Shepherd with a goiter

Saint Cajetan (St. Gaetano Thiene)

Dr. Pozzi at home: gynecologist, soldier, socialite

Gertrude Abercrombie: surrealist predilection and pancreatic affliction

Portraits of vision: Sir Joshua Reynolds
Pietro Longhi:  appearances are deceiving
Illness or intoxication? Diagnosing a French clown

Tonse N. K. Raju

Battling poverty, injustice, ignorance and fear, and despair 
The trouble with the belly button

Ariana Shaari

Arthritis in Albrecht Durer’s Praying Hands

Ravi Shankar

The doctor and the doll

Alexandru Gh. Sonoc

Paracelsus: physician and alchemist

The trapped peasant

The village’s physician

Evidence of a skull trepanning

The Summer
Portrait of a peasant

Medical art from the Brukenthal Museum, Sibiu, Romania

Mirjana Stojkovic-Ivkovic

Interpreting René Magritte’s The Rape
Painter Milene Pavlović Barili (1909–1945) new

William Stringer

Dr. Arrieta and Francisco Goya

Rose Tasker

Bush medicine leaves

Pinky Tripathi

Taste buds

Trang Ngoc Diem Vu

Francisco de Goya: a portrait of illness

Michael Yafi

Edvard Munch: the child who never grew up
Did Salvador Dali follow the prolactin discovery in his painting of the fountain of milk?
Picasso and medicine: From early paintings to a syndrome


Unnamed surgeon
Christ at the bedside
A very early Picasso painting