Personal Narratives

Susan Anderson

Waiting for results, Winter 2017 new

Ashley Austin

Win or lose, Winter 2018 new

Niyi Awofeso

Disciplinary architecture: prison design and prisoners’health, Winter 2011

Sarah Bigham

Is it legal yet?, Winter 2018 new

William D. Black

On being a spousal caregiver, Fall 2010

Mara Buck 

A year in oblivion – an artistic journey, Winter 2017 new

Eli Cannon

Down a rabbit hole, Winter 2011

Anirban Chatterjee

Out of the medicine cabinet: an out doctor in a closeted country, Winter 2016

Simon Cohen 

Fifty years on an Englishman recalls Cook County Hospital, Fall 2017 new

Jack Coulehan

Alabama and the healing of memories, Fall 2017 new

Jean Cozier

Healing hidden wounds: a personal perspective, Fall 2010

Gian Battista Danzi

An illuminating experience in my practice, Summer 2015

Fredna DeCarlo

Life of a blanket in the medical center, Summer 2017 new

Ruth Deming

Sugar High and Low, Fall 2015

Liam Farrell

Go to work on an egg, Winter 2013

Transient pleasure, prolonged pain, Spring 2012

Yong Wei Gabriel

Daniel’s clock, Winter 2018 new

Denis Gill

Big Hugh, Winter 2010

Megan Giller

An autoimmune love story, Winter 2018 new

Jessica Gregg

A good mother, Winter 2013

Menachem Hanani

The cab driver, Winter 2016

Margot Hedlin

Storytime, Spring 2016

Angela Hyde

Passing on compassion, Winter 2013

Jaimee Leigh Joroff

The Show and Tell Prelude: Futility in the nursing home, Summer 2015

Amitha Kalaichandran

Death and the diaspora, Spring 2017 new

Arunachalam Kumar

Risus sardonicus, Winter 2010

Biji T. Kurien

Sizzlingly Personalized Aesculapian Medicine (SPAM) E-mails, Spring 2016

A memorable patient, Spring 2016

Janaka Lagoo

Unpacking empathy, Spring 2016

Ana Liang

I’m sorry to hear that, Fall 2011

Laura Loertscher

Something red, Winter 2013

Grace Lucas

Body matters, Fall 2017 new

Lisa Lunney

The birth and death of the day, Spring 2011

Phillipa Malpas

How do you say goodbye?, Spring 2010

Aroop Mangalik

Remembering an uncrowded world, Winter 2010

Farrin A. Manian

Who do I look like?, Summer 2014

Matko Marusic

Children do not die, Winter 2014

Amy Millios

String of Hearts, Spring 2016

Ellen O’Connor

Happy Birthday, Spring 2016

Gregory O’Gara

Metaphor, memory, and my grandmother’s hands, Fall 2017 new

Danielle Ofri

Found in translation?, Winter 2011

The pastor’s son, Spring 2010

Anthony Papagiannis

Easy come, easy go, Winter 2015

Paul Perilli

Last Chemo, Summer 2015

Diana Pi

The girl on the gurney, Spring 2017 new

Ronald Pies

Each day is magnified, Fall 2010

Ivan Barry Pless

Ronnie’s gifts, Summer 2013

Michelle Ponder

In translation, Fall 2017 new

Bhupesh Prusty

A forbidden truth, Spring 2016

Pritham Raj

You say you want a revolution?, Spring 2010

Nestor Ramirez-Lopez

My little old lady, Winter 2018 new

Andrew C. Schroeder

Night shift, Spring 2017 new

Peter de Schweinitz

Praying with Marvin, Summer 2012

Ravi Shankar

The boys who did not come back from the brink, Spring 2012

The patient on the brink, Winter 2010

Mary T. Shannon

Reconstructing a self: early trauma and the healing power of narrative, Spring 2012

Ethan Sellers

Mist walkers, Spring 2016

Elephant hide, Spring 2016

Gurbaksh Shergill

Pink Skies, Fall 2017 new

Bryan Sisk

A lasting effect, Fall 2011

Meg Smith

The privilege of memory loss, Fall 2011

Shaista Tayabali

Dances with wolves, Spring 2016

David G. Thoele

The boy with two dads, Spring 2016

Anjali Vidya Varma

Protecting a child’s true essence, Fall 2011

Boris D. Veysman

Following orders, Spring 2012

Daly Walker

Phantom Pains, Fall 2017 new

Amy D. Webb

An evolving journey: writing as healing art, Winter 2011
Opening the body, opening to peace, Fall 2010

Megan Winkelman

For you, I want to be more, Fall 2011

Daniel Enjay Wong

Restraint: a foot-binding story, Winter 2013

Larry Zaroff

Gregor goes to the doctor, Winter 2013

No bag lady, Spring 2012

Equanimity, Winter 2011

Catching the edge, Fall 2010
Learning Compassion – Learning Forgiveness, Summer 2009