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A house call
Martin Duke
Philadelphia’s plague
Hayat El Boukari
More than “toil and trouble”: Macbeth and medicine
Mariel Tishma
Hospitals in the United States special issue
The big sheepdog
Gregory Rose
The York Retreat
Beninio McDonough-Tranza
Bidloo and Ruysch: anatomy and art in the 17th century Netherlands
Elisabeth Brander
Chance in the origins of antibiotics
William Kingston
Faith, neuroscience, and “the thorn” in Paul’s side: Abrahamic interpretations of epilepsy
Christina Perri
Becoming Judith: the connection between Italian Baroque and anatomy lab
Emily Nghiem
Dressing the General
Rebecca Singer
An unusual pregnancy: the gestation and delivery of the Nun of Watton
Barbara Hargreaves
Washington and his spectacles
Ronald S. Fishman
Edgar Degas’ light sensitivity and its effects on his art
Zeynel Karcioglu
Luigi Galvani: beginnings of electrophysiology
JMS Pearce
How we love
Linda Clarke
A quiet night
Henry Bair
Pharmaceutical marketing in America
Adil Menon, Ali Mchaourab
Enfreakment in the medicalization of difference
Camille Kroll
Gilgamesh and medicine’s quest to conquer death
Anika Khan
Tafadzwa Kasambira
The promise of a perfect smile
Liz Jones
Character, genius, and a missing person in medicine
Carrie Barron

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