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Animality revisited in times of the coronavirus: A fable
Frank Gonzalez-Crussi
Mahler at 100: a medical history
Salvatore Mangione
Hektoen International’s Summer Issue
Heo Jun: brilliant physician in 16th century Korea
Jiyeon Son
Partial eclipse of the heart
Perry Dinardo
Dr. Fanny Halpern, a psychiatric go-between of 1930s Shanghai
Richard Zhang
Nancy L. Hagood
Medicine and trust, behind bars
Gail Burke
African American contract doctors in the military
Edward McSweegan
Applause: reflections on “The Plague” and being a doctor in a pandemic
Roger Ruiz Moral
Together, We Are an Ocean
Janet Cai
The beauty of gender diversity
Lisa Shugoll
“Scarlet letters”—the depiction of scarlet fever in literature
Emily Boyle
W.H.R. Rivers and the humane treatment of shell shock
Soleil Shah
Out of the medicine cabinet: an out doctor in a closeted country
Anirban Chatterjee
Disciplinary architecture: prison design and prisoners’ health
Niyi Awofeso
Hawthorne’s ‘The Birthmark:’ a failure to find a perfect future in an imperfect present
Sylvia R. Karasu
To see or not to see
J. Trig Brown
A royal pregnancy gone wrong
George Dunea
Epidemics from plague to Coronavirus
Michael Yafi

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