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Salk and Sabin: the disease, the rivalry and the vaccine
Kevin Loughlin

Blood and pernicious anemia
Omar Alzarkali

Recollections of a polio ward
Janet Wolter

The first description of DNA: a six million dollar letter from Francis to Michael Crick
Marshall A. Lichtman 

George Orwell and the Spanish Civil War: A brush with death
James L. Franklin

A bit of irony: Sir William Wilde and Oscar Wilde
James L. Franklin

Syndrome de Lasthénie de Ferjol
Krishna G. Badami

Ghirlandaio, humanism, and truth: the portrait of an elderly man and young boy
Vincent P. de Luise

Evidence versus practice: the story of surgery in breast cancer
Robert Biggar

The Fall 2020 issue

Harvey Cushing: Surgeon, Author, Soldier, Historian 1869-1939
John Raffensperger

Learning about children
Canon Brodar

Traditional obstetrics in Isaan, Thailand
Khwan Phusrisom

Conjoined twins: art, ethics, and the media
John Raffensperger

The death of Zachary Taylor: the first presidential assassination or a bad bowl of cherries?
Kevin R. Loughlin

Falls and art: an evolving story
Glenn Arendts

Lady Mary Wortley Montagu and smallpox
JMS Pearce

The scourge, the scientist, and the swindle
Anne Jacobson

When I heard the learn’d epidemiologist
Dean Gianakos

Using Latin to settle medical pronunciation debates
Raymond Noonan

The dream of the uterus
F. Gonzalez-Crussi 

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