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The proximity of death
Paul C. Rosenblatt

Cold autumn nights
Maria Magdalena Geanovu

The derailment of Franklin Pierce
Jacob Appel 

A walk with giants
Herbert Ausubel

A day in Texas
Steven Perez

Bloody segregation: the story of how Charles Richard Drew found life abundantly
Amy DeMatt

Edward Jenner (1749-1823): from variolation to vaccination
Damiano Rondelli

On your doctor’s orders
Alexandria Szalanczy

Pursuing ‘Conclusions Infinite:’ the divine inspiration of Georg Cantor
Sylvia Karasu

Mary Josephine Hannan: portrait of a pioneer
Katie King

Royal blood: Queen Victoria and the legacy of hemophilia in European royalty
Carys O’Neill

The model for Albrecht Dürer’s Praying Hands
William R. Albury, George M. Weisz

One chaplain’s journey: teaching, hospice, and humanities
Terry McIntyre

Abram Belskie: sculptor of medical medallions
Enrique Chaves-Carballo

Guidelines for the 2021 Hektoen Grand Prix Essay Competition

Augusta Ada Byron, Countess of Lovelace (1815–1852)
JMS Pearce

No complaints, only symptoms
Peter Arnold 

General Robert E Lee’s myocardial infarction: did illness impact the Battle of Gettysburg?
Lloyd Klein

Hematoxylin and Eosin Abstraction
Lily Mahler

Jack London’s cloudy crystal ball
Edward McSweegan

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