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Emily Dickinson and medical ethics: the “Belle of Amherst” as ethicist
Bonnie Salomon
El garrotillo: on diphtheria and Goya
Vicent Rodilla
Diagnosing defectives: disability, gender and eugenics in the United States, 1910-1924
Sara Vogt
Love, cancer, and the caregiver’s faith of C.S. Lewis
Joshua D. Niforatos
Medicine in Greek mythology
JMS Pearce
A city of two tales
J. Trig Brown
Lost in translation
Jonathan Xian
Richard Dadd: art and madness
JMS Pearce
Monet and his cataracts
Peter Kopplin
Nature telling her secrets: the Kepler–Descartes connection
Ronald Fishman
War and Veterans
Ghabeleh Hamleh
Suzi Ehtesham-Zadeh
The forgotten many of the Guatemalan Syphilis Experiments
Harsh Patolia
La Pieta
Rachel Fleishman
Consumption and vampires: metaphor and myth before science
Gregory W. Rutecki
Salk and Sabin: the disease, the rivalry and the vaccine
Kevin Loughlin
Polio conundrums
Denis Gill
Anne Boleyn. Unknown English artist. Late 16th century, based on a work of circa 1533-1536. National Portrait Gallery. “Some little show of nail”: the health of Anne Boleyn
Mariel Tishma
Santa Maria Nuova: curing and caring
Michael Mortellaro

Ella’s addiction: the story of a mother and morphine
Lisa Mulleneaux

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