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Washing our hands
Anthony Papagiannis

Through the Magic Door with Conan Doyle
George Dunea

Oswaldo Cruz and the eradication of infectious diseases in Brazil
Robert Perlman

Mentally ill and Jewish in World War II
Mary Seeman

Understanding and combatting ageism in healthcare
Dane Wanniarachige

American ginseng as an herbal emissary influencing Qing-American trade relations
Richard Zhang

Ushers of life
Genevieve Kupsky

Religious scene, the arrest of Christ in the events of Holy Week. Jesus Christ being embraced by a disciple, and three soldiers waiting to take him away. A man in the background gesturing in despair.

Engage the emotions
Florence Gelo

The death of Charles II
George Dunea

Terri Kirby Erickson

Abulcasis, the pharmacist surgeon
Fadlurrahman Manaf

Rethinking the impulse to empathize: a sister’s perspective on sympathy and stigma
Jeanne Farnan

Brianna Rossiter

Anatomical ghosts in The Merchant of Venice
Mauro Spicci

A musical vision: the eyes of Bach and Handel
Vincent P. de Luise

Washington and his spectacles
Ronald Fishman

Learning compassion – learning forgiveness
Larry Zaroff

Learning the meaning of love
Charlotte Eliopoulos


Joseph Haydn (1732-1809)
George Dunea


Tafadzwa Kasambira

Life-giving doctors: the hard decision of self-surrender
María Belén Eyheramonho

James Herriot and burnout
Sylvia Pamboukian

Can Hippocrates save modern medicine? A plea to return to our roots
Patrick Guinan

The illness of King George III
JMS Pearce

“Between false modesty … and conceit” – Sir Roger Bannister
Jack E. Riggs, David B. Watson

The sound of one hand clapping
James L. Franklin



Image: The Monastery of Guadalupe. Main entrance. Photo by Rafa G. Recuero. Via Wikimedia. CC BY-SA 3.0 ES Guadalupe: one of Spain’s oldest schools of medicine
Nicolás Roberto Robles
Return to Lebanon
Elie Najjar
Elizabeth Garrett Anderson
JMS Pearce
Winter 2022 Issue
The doctor behind the labcoat
Varun Raj Passi
Dr. Susan LaFlesche Picotte: tradition, assimilation, and healing
Mariel Tishma
Rudolf Virchow and the anthropology of race
Friedrich C. Luft, Detlev Ganten
Elizabeth Barrett Browning—isolation and the artist
Elizabeth Lovett Colledge