Kyle Amber

The Triple A

Miriam Ancis


Glen P. Aylward 

The Siege

Margaret Irene Baczewski


Rachel Baker

Marc Chagall brings a message of hope and faith to the disabled

Gerda Meyer Bernstein

River, 2005 – Installation by Gerda Meyer Bernstein

Alan Blum

Gentle men
Ladies in hats
Out of the mouths of moms
Morning rounds

Zel Brook

Running on empty

Mia Brownell

Stomach acid dream

Janet Cai

Together, We Are an Ocean

Raina Cowan


Bruce Erikson

Cutter of Lilacs

Catalina Florina Florescu


Nancy Gershman and Lauren Lazar Stern

The fisherman’s lasagna: a love story about prescriptive photomontage and anorexia

Bruce Granquist


 Zachary T. Hollis

Progressions, 2009

Rory Hutchinson


Ellen Jantzen

Breese Nursing Home: an exploration of humanity and love

PatriciaVanishing Mother

Kari Lindholm Johnson

Dreams of healing

Terrence Jones

The Mind of Covid-19 new

Vesna Jovanovic

Pareidolia Santa Fe


Barb Schwarz Karst and Robert Schwarz

Artist statement – Blades of the mill: a man battling with cancer

Blades of the mill: a man battling with cancer

Dalis Seungeun Kim


Byung Kook Kwak

X-ray art

Tim Lowly

Beyond: The art of Tim Lowly

Lily Mahler

Hematoxylin and Eosin Abstraction

Meena Malhotra

Redefining the medical artist

Selections from Redefining the Medical Artist

Irene Martinez

Always with usDesaparecidos

Caley McIntyre

Día de los Muertos ofrenda

Sean Murphy

Reading Lacan 1Reading Lacan 2Identification with the Aggressor

Laura Olear


Viruses and bacteria series

The art of Laura Olear

Monika Filipiak Peszek

Normal – Hang in There – The Monster and other work

Vamsi Reddy and Keri Jones

of little significance

Paul Rooprai

Anatomical Heart Illustration #1 and #2
Rewiring the brain

Clare Rosean

Viral combat: Monica fights the flu

Julie Schnidman and Annie Yeh

Artful science

Douglas Siefken

Chicago photography

Linda Troeller

TB-AIDS diary

Laura Anne White


Evernus Williams

Visionary art and the metaphysical

Dome Witt

Body Scan 2023 new