Hektoen International

A Journal of Medical Humanities

The Mind of Covid-19

Terrance Jones
Chicago, Illinois, United States

The Mind of Covid-19 reflects and recalls the one year and two months stuck in my home during the pandemic. Lots of reflection, creation, curiosity, worry, stress, fear, loss, and inspiration. An explosion of color depicts the ugliness of the fight transforming into the beauty of victory. Working in the medical field for the past twenty years has given me a unique perspective as an artist. I absorb the academic and clinical atmospheres that surround me and blend them to produce authentic, clear, and engaging pieces that enhance the audience’s appreciation of art and medicine.

TERRANCE JONES has been an artist since childhood. He started Arts in Motion LLC in 2017. He mixes the abstract, expressionism, and modern art in mesmerizing blends of color, shapes, words, and imagination.

Spring 2023



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