Hektoen International

A Journal of Medical Humanities



Prem Chandran
G.K. Warrier

Anirban Chatterjee
Out of the medicine cabinet: an out doctor in a closeted country

Neha Chauhan
A plastic surgeon’s weeks in lockdown
Of honors lost and honor regained: Indian origin of plastic surgery

Benjamin Darkwa
Menstrual health in early Indian medical tradition

James L. Franklin
The Bengal tiger: Panthera tigris tigris

Hannah Harpole
Learning to eat at thirty

Utkarsh G. Hingmire
Abhay Sadhak (fearless seeker): Baba Amte

Anuradha Joshi
Making medical education interesting and exciting

Keerthana Kalla
History of medicine in ancient India

Arunachalam Kumar
Risus sardonicus

Karen De Looze
Sunbathing the mind: faith healing in India
Immortal death: before and after

Aroop Mangalik
Remembering an uncrowded world

Kahan Mehta
The history of Indian medicine and its impact on modern practice SPR ’23

Persis Naumann
Outsourced clinical trials and ethical implications: India the most preferred global clinical trial hub

Medha Pande
The curse of the blessing

Devanshi Patel
Xenotransplantation on Mount Kalilash SPR ’23

Birju Rao
Joseph C. Carpue: failing to pass on the baton

Pradipto Roy
Salimuzzaman Siddiqui

Satish Saroshe
Lifeline Express: the magic train hospital of India
Sushruta: the ancient Indian surgeon

Beerelli Seshi and Marshall Lichtman
Yellapragada SubbaRow: a profile in greatness

Preeti Shanbag
The Christian Medical College Hospital, Vellore

Ravi Shankar
The humanities in a traditional medical school
The boys who did not come back from the brink
The patient on the brink
The man who could not stop smoking!
My grandmother
An uneasy relationship SPR ’23

Dhastagir Sultan Sheriff
Medical doctors in the army of India
The role of water in Indian culture
Gandhiji on Indianness of health and healthcare (1869-1948)
Addressing hunger in Tamilnadu
Death and dignity – a lesson learned from my father

Rema Sundar
When a movie ticket to the battered may help!

Sumana Vardhan
Muthulakshmi Reddi: physician, activist, and social revolutionary

Bill Wolak
Timelessness of the intangible

The Glory of Lebanon Contest

Maryline Alhajj
The Great War and the other war

Najat Fadlallah, Julian Maamari, and Abeer Hani
Lebanon during the catastrophe

Nohad Masri
Disaster code

Jonathan Mina
Lebanon: a thumbprint in medicine

Elie Najjar
Return to Lebanon

Rima Nasser