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The practice of embalming the dead goes back at least to the ancient Egyptians, who wanted to ensure that they arrived in the afterworld in a presentable state as well as having their sarcophagi and pyramids provided with all the necessities required for that long journey. The page shown here is from The Champion Text Book on Embalming, a text that was meant to explore the history and practice of preparing a body for burial using the most advanced techniques for the time. The writers, Dr. Eliab Myers and F.A. Sullivan, were both lecturers at the Champion College of Embalming. The Champion Company, publisher of the book and sponsor of the college, is still in the business of embalming today.

A group of students surround a body during a demonstration of embalming.
Page from The Champion text book on embalming by Eliab Myers, M.D. and F. A. Sullivan. 1897. Accessed via the Internet Archive. From Brigham Young University.

Highlighted Vignette Volume 13, Issue 2 – Spring 2021

Fall 2019



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