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Portrait of a peasant

Alexandru Gh. Sonoc
Sibiu, Romania

Peasant. Unknown painter from the Netherlands, late 17th century. Brukenthal National Museum.

This peasant is shown wearing a green shirt, decorated on the shoulders with a red line and at the neck with a white lace collar, as well as a wide brown hat. He is disfigured by a tumor on the right side of his face. A second tumor is located on the area of the trapezius muscle and a third on the upper part of his chest.

This small portrait was registered only in 1959, but even at that time it was already in the collection of the museum, acquired under unknown conditions. It was only mentioned before,1 but without being commented on.


  1. Dana Roxana Hrib, Gothic. Trăirea Neo-Gotică vs. Modelul Iluminist / Gothic Revival Experience vs. Enlightenment Pattern (Sibiu: Editura ALTIP, 2010, 54 and 66).

Further reading

Medical art from the Brukenthal Museum, Sibiu, Romania, Alexandru Gh. Sonoc

ALEXANDRU GH SONOC, PhD, MA, MS, is the Director of the Brukenthal National Museum in Sibiu, Romania.

Highlighted in Frontispiece Volume 6, Issue 1 – Winter 2014

Winter 2014



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