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Freedman’s Hospital

Yanglu Chen Princeton University, New Jersey, United States   Freedmen’s Hospital, the teaching hospital for Howard University Medical School The name itself, Freedmen’s Hospital, betrays a sense of bitter conflict: that there existed men unfreed, and they were not treated here – and that even the freed men had only this hospital. In fact, Freedmen’s […]

The Walter Reed Army Medical Center

Wilson F. Engel, III West Desert Enterprises LLC, Gilbert, Arizona, United States   The Walter Reed General Hospital (main building with cupola in distance at far left) in September, 1919. The Hospital was precursor to the Walter Reed Army Medical Center.   The Walter Reed Army Medical Center was — along with its precursor, the Walter […]

Gorgas Hospital, Ancon, Panama

W. Paul McKinney University of Louisville, Kentucky, United States   West-facing view of Administration and Clinics Building, Gorgas Hospital, Ancon, former Canal Zone, Panama A man, a plan, a canal: Panama. This well-known palindrome describes the grand vision of Count Ferdinand de Lesseps for constructing, under the flag of France, a sea level canal linking the […]

St. Christopher’s Hospice

Thomas R. Egnew, EdD, LICSW Tacoma Family Medicine, Washington, United States St. Christopher’s Hospice The twentieth century produced an extraordinary evolution in modern medicine. Burgeoning research and the rigorous application of the biomedical model generated remarkable advances in the diagnosis and treatment of disease.1 Refinements in immunization decreased morbidity and mortality from common infectious diseases […]

Reconstructing the world’s first hospital: the Basiliad

Thomas Heyne, MD, MSt Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, United States  St. Basil “A noble thing is philanthropy, and the support of the poor, and the assistance of human weakness…” So rang the emotional words of Bishop Gregory Nazianzen during the funeral oration delivered for his dear friend Basil of Caesarea in 379. Wishing to remind […]

The $84.77 Hospital – St. Vincent

Terri L. Sinnott, MA Chicago, Illinois, United States  Bishop Francis Silas Marean Chatard What in the United States could be purchased with $87.44 in 1881?  In that year Bishop Francis Silas Marean Chatard and four Daughters of Charity1 took that sum and funded the first Catholic hospital in Indianapolis. Chatard had been born in 1834 […]

The Hopkins Hub

Shelley Co Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine, New York, New York, United States Johns Hopkins It was at the site of a former insane asylum and at the discretion of a man named Johns Hopkins, a banker, philanthropist, and abolitionist, that the Johns Hopkins Hospital opened in 1889 in Baltimore, Maryland.1 Hopkins died on Christmas […]

Gilyarovsky and Gannushkin psychiatric hospitals in Moscow

  Fig. 1. Gilyarovsky psychiatric hospital in Moscow, founded 1808. Sergei Jargin, MD The Gilyarovsky and Gannushkin psychiatric hospitals can be discussed together because the latter was founded  in 1913 as a branch of the former, becoming a separate institution only in 1931. Both hospitals are located not far from each other, near the Sokolniki […]

Lifeline Express: the magic train hospital of India

Satish Saroshe, MBBS, MD MGM Medical College, Indore, India  Photograph of the Lifeline Express is from the Indian Health Initiative blog. Lifeline Express, colloquially known as the Magic Train Hospital of India, is the world’s first modern technologically advanced hospital-train. Established in 1991 and completing twenty-three years of service, it has travelled the length and […]

Sant’Anna Hospital in Ferrara

  Sant’Anna church: first site of the hospital Sara Zanella, MD Azienda Università/Ospedale, Cona, Italy When the Marquis Nicolò III of Este and his son Leonello were ruling Ferrara at the beginning of the fifteenth century, about twenty different confraternities of monks and friars and lay associations, had the monopoly over the citizens’ health care. […]